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  1. I don't really (and nothing wrong with those who do). But I want these:

    I wonder if the Breath of the Wild amiibo is going to come bundled with the game?

  2. I love Deus Ex: Human Revolution and, so far, loving Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I'm not going to lie though, those games make me feel sick.

    Sometimes I boot up the game and instantly get sick.

    Sometimes I play for an hour, and then I get sick.

    Sometimes I think about it, and then I get sick.

    There's no winning for me. Some people get seasick, I get Deus Ex sick.

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  3. [​IMG]
    Home: A Unique Horror Adventure. I. Don't. Get. It. I seriously don't get it.

    I have a problem with its narrative structure. You pick up clues of what happened to you and to Rachel, and make assumptions based on them. The thing is, it's not concrete, it's not certain. I would have preferred "This is what happened" and "This is how it is" than the game feeding me bits of information on an object or reading excerpts of a journal.


    Maybe it's just me. Maybe I think too much or too imaginative. Or the game is pretentious. The game has multiple endings. What information should I collect or ignore to get the most out of them?

    Huh! Huh!


  4. They say you can't get revenge on an animal. I disagree.

    The pack of dogs that attacked my dog are going to get their comeuppance. They'll learn, for a split second, that they should have never messed with my dog. My piss boils every time I think of my dog covered in blood. It could have been worse, but luckily I stirred awake and went into a blind rage and scared them off.
  5. I can't wait for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I seriously can't wait.

    I loved Deus Ex: Human Revolution a lot. I bought it on the PS3 and then on the Wii U. I definitely recommend the Wii U version.

    It's a shame though the game's publicists are leaving a bad taste:


    Why would...? I... don't...

    Did they not learn anything from Letitia:


    Oh well, I still can't wait for the game to come out. I need to get my hands on the game soon or I'll riot in the streets naked.