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  1. Alright, so I've been trying to write for a while now and no matter how much I tune my technique, wordplay, and voice, something is always missing. Regardless of the length, everything I write feels half-baked. So instead of reading for fun for once, I picked up one of my favorites and studied.

    After a few pages in, I found myself skimming parts, unimportant sentences, the descriptive bits.

    Slowly it dawned on me, my bad reading habit had become a bad writing habit.
    In all my works, I've never described a scene.

    Like all glaringly obvious things, it was right there. People pointed it out and I looked, nodded, and continued not knowing what they were talking about.

    "I like it, but I couldn't picture where they were" was a common comment.
    "I felt like I was reading the notes of a book." Another
    "You haven't quit yet? You must really love punishment; sadist." me to myself.

    But now... now I know. I know when my characters are in a room, I talk about the god damned room.