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  1. The Dwarf Hotot Rabbit hopped silently through the field towards the Daley farm house, when a light flicked on in the kitchen stopping him in his tracks, he lay low to the ground the grass blowing in the breeze tickling his belly. He waited with bated breath his nose twitching, listening to the movement inside the house, shuffling of feet a fridge door opened, the bottles rattled inside and a woman yawned and the light went out.

    Daris had escaped from the his home world with a band of rebels, opposed to the Vulpini regime, a tribe of Foxes that had invaded his world many years ago, taking the strongest from each Hotot to build their temples, those who refused were eaten, the invading armies had all but destroyed his planet and now Daris sort a new world he and his people could call home, free from the rule of the Vulpini, where the threat of death if they did not comply with the new order no longer loomed over their heads.
  2. I have come up with an answer to this age old question..... here goes......

    Because neither of which really help you with your writing. I have a desk with my laptop on and it hasn't helped me collect my thoughts one little bit. I'm starting to think a Raven would give me more inspiration.

    I am stuck 52 pages in with no clue what I was going to write in the next chapter this is what happens when I spend too much time away from my work and spend all my time with at the shop. I had a pretty decentish story writen down and now I can't remember where the plot was going to go, I think what makes it more frustrating is I have an ending I just have no idea how to get from A-Z I'm at like F if I'm lucky.

    I have tried my usual tricks, going out and taking photographs of the world, losing the rest of the world with my iPod in and dancing around my kitchen, even writing an outline of my chaper and I thill can't seem to get it all down on paper, it's like I have a million hyperactive children running around in my head and I can't get any of them to sit still for more than a few seconds.
  3. So it's been awhile since I've been here I've been so busy with work and attending weddings and reading baby announcements along with the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy (yes I read them and no I am not ashamed to admit it, yes E.L James repeats herself alot, but I really enjoyed the story and not just the sex)I just I haven't had time to visit.

    No much is really new, I've started writing again I'm really pleased with it so far and I have managed to rope my very talented photographer brother into designing my front cover (Roziekins Photography incase anyone was interested check him out he deserves a little attention, make his fat head even bigger :p) I was hoping it might give me an edge when it's finished and off to literary agents, although I have decided if I don't get any takers, I will be publishing via Kindle, I'll chase my dream for as long as it takes even if it means I have to do it myself. I still see self publishing as cheating but if this is what it takes to get my name out there and maybe get me on that first stepping stone to authordom.....not really a now! I'm going to do it and it won't cost me a penny.

    I just wish I could get past this writers block, It would help is my brother gave me back my copy of the first third of my book that he's read to help him with the cover design and stopped holding my the review of it he's promised me hostage I'd be able to get the next chapter down on paper (I know some of you are thinking "he's family he won't tell you what he really thinks, that is where you are wrong my friends, he knows how much I want this and has never sugar coated anything in his life, he knows a good friend will tell that your work is good even if it's not, your best friend will be honest because they want you to succeed!) he may be making me an aunty in December but thats no excuse for slacking on the job haha.

    Right now I am listening to my L.O.V.E playlist hoping to find abit of inspiration and not kill off my heroines mother who is currently in a coma..... don't ask it seemed like a good idea at the time.

    Well my fellow nutters I should get back to it, a buttered popcorn candle is calling my name, Jelly Bean, try it, love it!
  4. Writing just became very stressful, I wanted to do a rewrite but I actually think my first finished piece is starting to irritate me, and any other story I come up with gets irritating. Maybe I am just not in the right frame of mind to try and write anything, when did it start becoming so stressful and stop being fun?

    I have had so many ides over the last few weeks and at the time they all seemed like great ideas but I keep hitting a wall and instead of getting over it it seems to get higher and higher and I am really short so climbing it keeps looking less and less likely.

    I really dislike having holes in my stories I get so far then I have no idea how to get from B to C but I know where I want to end up, so what now? How to get back in the right frame of mind?:confused:
  5. Wow 3 whole weeks since my last blog entry, the christmas rush has hit the store and I feel like I barely have time to do anything besides work and sleep, I can't wait for christmas eve, the madness will hopefully die down but saying that we will most likely end up having a sale and thats it we'll be done form pretty much like the crew of the Nostromo when they carried Kane back on board with the face hugger attached to his face... that was such a random film analogy to use.

    I have finally decided on what I want to do with my finished work, REWRITE use other plot ideas to flesh it out abit more and improve like using a car for spare parts, thats the second time I have said that today, I liked it so much the first time I had to use it again and share it with the class, abit like if I get grossed out everyone I know must but subjected to whats ever made me say eeeeeww like a 6 year old.
  6. Last weekend I had a job interview at a book store, the same day they offered me the job yay!!

    After three days of blood, sweat and bruises the store went from been filled with boxes, saw dust and an assortment of trash basically looking like a bomb went off to looking like an actual book shop and officially opened for business on Thursday :D

    I have my dream job, I work in a book shop, I honestly can't believe it! I stand behind the till serving cutomers, pricing stock, stacking books onto shelves and I love it I can actually say I love my job!
  7. I went shopping to Tesco with my mum this evening and in the middle of the bread aisle her phone rang and the first words out of her mouth was "How are you doing with your coke addiciton"

    Que dirty looks and one shocked looking shelf stacker.

    I would like to point out that Coke-a-Cola was on offer £1 a bottle she may be nuts but she's not that nuts.

    But I can always be counted on to say something much more cringe worthy. We make our way to the tills and I spot a man sat at there with no one at his till what I meant to say was "that till is free" what I actually said was.......

    "That man has nothing on"
  8. I find my creative juices flow better when I keep busy, it's the middle of the night so I grabbed my ipod from my room, put in my headphones, turned the music up and salsa danced (badly) around my kitchen. I was really into it, hips wiggling, feet moving, spinning having fun until :eek: there he was, my sisters boyfriend stood in the doorway, empty coffee cup in hand snickering.

    *facepalm* the shame, every closet dancers worst nightmare.

    He didn't mock me..... that much, but I have to say moving around and clearing my mind really helped me today I have gotten so much down on paper one of the hundreds of pens I swiped from has been begging me for a time out.

    So I am curious when you guys get stuck what do you do?
  9. I find a need to pre write my story in a notebook or I find myself infront of a blinking cursor with a blank mind. I don't know if anyone else does this, but I carry the notebook with me because it's so much easier to carry a book and a pen around with me than a laptop you never know when an idea isgoing to hit you in the face (what I like to call a slap)
    But now my problem is I have been writing so much today I have cramp in my hand and that white knuckle bump you get when you press down too hard with the pen. Freaky Fingers!

    I have my pre writing ritual, pen and paper I like to make sure my handwriting doesn't slip too much, looking at my handing writing next to my mum's. mum is all curly and fancy and my sisters next to mine, sister looks like you attached a few pens to spiders legs and let it run across the page. It seems that the youth of today uses computers so much and writes so little that my birthday cards look like they have been written in by my sister at the age of 6 not her actual age of 17.

    And I know some of you are sat there saying kind of hypocritical that I am complaining about how computers are ruining our penmanship and here I am typing away on one to make me complaint.

    I can't even remember what I was trying to get at now, I have the attention span of a fish.

    "Oh look a castle" 3 seconds later "Oh look a castle"

    Oh yeah pre writing ritual so I have my pen, my pad and my Ipod and I fill notebooks with ideas before I even touch the laptop. Does anyone else have anything they like to or have to do when, before or after they write?
  10. Today like lighting inspiration struck, writing is no longer my punishment, when I least expected it inspiration, tucked in the the pages of my previous work, I began a rewrite which turned into a completely new story with new characters and a brand new plot. I have an insane urge to shout Eureka and wiggle my glasses triumphantly, sadly this plan was brought to a stand still by the fact I don't wear glasses.

    Writing feels like it did two years ago, it doesn't feel like work anymore. It feels relaxing and freeing, I have even inspired my sister to pick up a pen, she's love's those heart wrenching biographies that get turned into made for television movies, so naturally she's writing a fictional story along similar lines.
    Where as I am a fantasy fiction nut, so of course that what I write and thats what I hope will be my contribution to the world of fantasy. To be on a shelf along side the books that have kept me awake many nights, pulling those infamous words we have all said from my mouth, "just one more page, then I'll go to sleep, just one more page!"
    And hopefully someone who isn't family would purchase a copy and either love it or hate it, either way it wouldn't matter because it would have been read by someone who hadn't be blackmailed into reading it by the phrase "You know how you love me?" and "You're family you have little choice"

    I wish all of you with finished novels, poems, scripts and anything else you may have written all the luck in the world! I hope you make it and inspire future generations to write as, we were inspired by the the books we've read so many times we've broken the spine!
    Celebrate any work you complete even if it never gets published remember every NO gets you one step closer the that Holy Grail of a YES!!

    Good Luck my fellow creative nuts :D
  11. Mr Daley died last winter leaving Mrs Daley a widow, her children were all grown and had moved away to big cities, no longer content on a small dairy farm in the english country side.
    She milked the cows by hand, refusing to go against tradition. At the end of a long day her hands were sore and her back ached but she went to bed happy in the knowledge that every pint of milk she sold at the farmers market had been milked by her own hands, a whole lot of love went into one glass of fresh Daley Farm milk.

    A beam of light fell from the sky one cold November night, landing in the field the cows grazed in during the long hot summer days. The wind howled and the shutters on the windows slammed against the wooden walls of the old Daley farm house.
    The silhouette of a creature was lowered slowly down by the tractor beam into the middle of a crop circle left by beam.

    The light vanished and the field was dark once more, in the middle of the crop circle sat a Dwarf Hotot, a small rabbit with white fur, long ears and large bright eyes. He stood on his hind legs, ears pointing straight up, nose twitching as he examined his surroundings.

    The invasion had begun.
  12. I was thumbing through a completed piece of work this afternoon, I like it but I don't love it, I find myself pondering the age old question. To rewrite or to the shredder? Do I just cast it off as a failure or if first I do not succeed do I try and try again? :confused:
  13. My mum is completely convinced I have lost my mind, I just spent the last hour arguing with a character in my latest piece of work, to the outside world I am arguing with myself, I don't know if anyone else does this, I am hoping i'm not the only one who argue's with themselves. It's very loud in my head, with so many people talking at once just waiting to be heard, to be made real to someone other than myself. So world of equally insane/creative lovelys what are your thoughts am I one of many? :rolleyes:
  14. While I was cleaning the pit aka my room I found a few first drafts of a finished manuscript and the note books containing all the characters that didn't quite make it into the book, all the directions the plot could have gone and even ideas for a sequel. I've been sat waiting for inspiration to strike turns out it was hiding under my bed this whole time :) not where I expected to find it,
  15. I found myself sat watching a flashing cursor on a bright white screen today any word I typed got deleted.
    I haven't put a singl word down on paper in months and I don't know if it's because I have writers block or I am just making excuses, maybe I'm afraid to write, worried that no matter what idea forms in my very odd mind it won't be good enough. I can't seem to form a plot the flows it feels forced.
    The ramblings of the sober irish woman, I don't feel inspired maybe I need to get away for a few days, change of pace. Who knows maybe tonight inspiration will strike:confused: