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  1. I feel old, so very old. I just feel like, I am NOT getting younger, (No Suprise) and it dosent seem that its slowing down, just speeding up. 2012 was praticulary weird. All fazy, hard to remember. For example, what about the movie The Karate Kid? Sure, some hype for about a month, but then BAM! Completely forgotten, at least to me. To many memories, its all so crowded. ARRRRGH!
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  2. Join Gibbles Great Hunt today! Fill out a form below to join, and solve clues and decipher riddles to be the first to complete the phrase I have laid out in various websites across the internet! ( Including this one!) Im still trying to decide a prize, (Suggest in comments!) and I hope you have fun! Ill have a start up clue here, and after you solve it, follow it! Once you have the answer, tell me. Then I will give you a clue, I will occasionally give updates and such so keep tuned!

    Praticipation in Contest: (1-10, 1 isnt that active, 10 is fully active)
    Chances of Winning; (1-10, 1 means you think you have a low chance, 10 is a high chance)
    Activity: (1-10, 1 means you are rarley on, 10 means your on practicaly every other day)

    Good Luck!

    First Clue
    .... - - .--. ---... -..-. -..-. --. .. -... -... .-.. . ....- .---- ----- .-.-.- .-- .. -..- ... .. - . .-.-.- -.-. --- -- -..-. --. .. -... -... .-.. . ... --. .-. . .- - .... ..- -. -
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  3. I dont know about you guys, but I think some magic is real. For example, the spell of the Mini Wheats. For those of you who dont know, I am talking about the orange box cereal which comes in chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, and original. Its a toasted collection of wheat, with a delecious hardened cream on top. Produced by Kellogs. Now that we are on the same page, I'll explain the spell. Its basically reproducing Mini Wheats. You can put 10 in, and eat 12. It seems there is always just ONE MORE, and its never ending. But lets say you purposly count 10? Then that breaks the spell. Make sure you also have a lot of milk. Try it, and get back to me!
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  4. So about a week ago I made a blog entry on my relationship problems with one of my friends. This is a continueum of it, and I also have decided just to make my blog entries focused on one praticular thing? I havnt decided yet. If you have any ideas, please feel free to tell me!

    So I did send her an apology, and since then I have left her alone. Just to give her a bit more room, I unfreinded her on a couple of things, partialy because I was feeling a bit resentful, and partily because I did want to give her more room. Today, I did get a reply back. It was like 'If you died, I wouldnt be at your funeral, I would be in jail because I killed the ones who killed you.' And a bunch of nice stuff like that. That made me feel considrably better, until I read the end. It was just a chain post, like send this to 5 more of your friends, and you will have good luck! Just to be nice, I sent the message back, because it said in one part: 'Repost back, if you feel the same way.' Trouble is, I dont think she does feel that way. I am feeling confused, a bit hurt, and angry I think? I dont really know what to do, I really want to tell her that is not worth anything, but I seriously dont know.

    Thanks for reading,

  5. We all love winning. Yet, it isn't always a good win. Such as, when your racing, and your the fastest kid on the football team, and you beat the slowest kid. What kind of win is that?

    Most of us will let little kids beat us, for fear they cry, or they want them to feel good. That is a good loss! But I don't think that having them win every time is a good idea, for fear of what happens when they lose?

    We all need to win and lose, if we all just win it will turn us into self-righteous stuck up people. When we lose, we accept the fact that we are not the best, and that's OK. When I win, I like to go around and make every person who competed with me feel better.

    We also don't want sore losers or winners. If you lost fairly, what's the point in arguing? And why brag when you win since everyone knew you have won?
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