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  1. I dont know about you guys, but with the gift of youth comes the gift of realisation. I recently thought of this, and I am plently sure I am probably not the first to think of this, but I recently thought of the idea of the void in our souls.

    So what this Void I'm talking about is this hollow, empty feeling we have in us. Take a moment and feel it. We all can. I connected this feeling to the way I act and think. Because every night I spend about 30-60 minutes thinking and sorting my thoughts. And I realized how broken I was. I was broken because I filled my void with just my love for my first crush. Ignored my family, friends, and just filled it up with love expecting her to return my feelings. She didn't, and that smashed a hammer through my void and I have to start from scratch.

    Our void is ment to be filled, filled to the brim. That's what a happy life is. Love is what mainly fills voids, for others its drugs, and for others its God. People are all different because we each fill our void with a different combination. Some have lots of hate and anger, with some dismay and sadness. Others have God, and love and despise. Its always different. Small things we take pleasure from, like Christmas, are footholds. And we spend our lives using footholds and rocks to climb out! And that's how you win at life, become successful, and such.

    When you dont fill this void, you enter depression.

    "The hole getting too big. The blackness is too wide. We're going to fall into it forever."
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  2. So, I was playing with an idea for a good short story or book, and I really want something new and original. Something I can be proud of, cause all my works of writing isn't that great. Except for my poems of course! So here's my idea for a story, please say whether you think its good or not.

    And it is, a story on Lucid Dreaming.
    (See past blog for more details)
    But not in the non fiction way, but in a fiction story. Such as its a normal everyday kid, bad life, dropping grades, can't pay dorm fee. And the world basically sucks for him. But every night, he goes to bed and Lucid Dreams. He does whatever he wants, and has a glorious life. But then he realizes Lucid Dreaming is not real life and he must confront his problems and change his life for the better.

    Tips, suggestions, ideas please leave in the comments!

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  3. I was on Pintrest today, on saw this nifty little piece on Lucid Dreaming. For those of you who dont know, Lucid Dreaming is the ability or phenonenom to dream while having the awareness your dreaming. You can also make yourself have lucid dreams while awake, in other words a self induced hallucination.

    It allows you to some degree to control your dream, and morph it into anything you'd like. It can come easily to others, while may never happen to others. Others being people of course. I am hoping that I can try Lucid Dreaming tonight, and I hope that I can control my dream, because that would be a great escape from reality.

    If your still with me, I will soon tell you how you might be able to achive Lucid Dreaming. But first, here is some NOT PROVEN sideeffects of Lucid Dreaming. None of this stuff is at a degree actually going to happen but its a warning just in case. First off is a blurred line between dreams and reality. Many people often see this sideeffect, because when your in a place where you can see and do anything you want it kind of gets addicting. Stay clear of that. For those of you with stressfull lifes, I reccomend NOT using this as a sort of safe drug or anything like that because that can lead to the above side effect whilst having Reality slap you in the face. Hard. Now yet another side effect is having conrtol problems. In a dream where you can control anyone, dosent mean you can do it in real life. Be wary of this!!!!! Finally, for those concerned religous people out there, Lucid Dreaming is not satanic. It is not any different from being awake, and sensing your awake while having a daydream. There is also no problems about possesion because possesion is hypnosis basically while you are aware during Lucid Dreaming.

    Here are some basic steps for Lucid Dreaming while awake, (At least steps I read), and since it is very hard to experience Lucid Dreaming while sleeping awake is what I will talk about. First, lay down on a comfterable spot, peferably a bed or such, and lay down in a position where blood can flow. One of the best positions is lying on your back. Next, close your eyes and breath evenly and slowly, in and out. If you feel your eye twitching, or a sudden itch IGNORE IT, as this is a way of your brain trying to see wether you are really awake or actually sleeping. While doing this, trying conjuring up a picture of what your dream should look like. For example, I am going to do a little scenaro, of lying down at a beach. Picture a sandy white beach, glittering in the sunlight, with a azure blue water gleaming in front of you. Try to feel the heat of the sun, the sound of the waves, and the feel of the sand against skin. It is important to put as much detail as possible to get a good Lucid Dream.

    Soon you might start feeling the heat of the sun, and seeing the blue waves and then VIOLA! You are in your Lucid Dream. Dont worry, there is actual science proving Lucid Dreams are real and while my method may not be a good one, you most certaintly are connected to the internet while reading this online so just search different methods for entering a lucid dream.

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  4. So about a week ago I made a blog entry on my relationship problems with one of my friends. This is a continueum of it, and I also have decided just to make my blog entries focused on one praticular thing? I havnt decided yet. If you have any ideas, please feel free to tell me!

    So I did send her an apology, and since then I have left her alone. Just to give her a bit more room, I unfreinded her on a couple of things, partialy because I was feeling a bit resentful, and partily because I did want to give her more room. Today, I did get a reply back. It was like 'If you died, I wouldnt be at your funeral, I would be in jail because I killed the ones who killed you.' And a bunch of nice stuff like that. That made me feel considrably better, until I read the end. It was just a chain post, like send this to 5 more of your friends, and you will have good luck! Just to be nice, I sent the message back, because it said in one part: 'Repost back, if you feel the same way.' Trouble is, I dont think she does feel that way. I am feeling confused, a bit hurt, and angry I think? I dont really know what to do, I really want to tell her that is not worth anything, but I seriously dont know.

    Thanks for reading,

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  5. Most kids these days will never read more than 3 classic books. Due to the repetitive theme of an animal dies at the end, a important life lesson is learned, and stuff like that. When I was a kid, (Still Am) I hated classics. I don't really like them much now days, but I will not object to picking one up and reading it. Here are some classic books that kids these days might actually enjoy, these were some of my favorites! (For all of these books, I reccomend the Treasury of Illustrated Classics.)

    1.Tom Sawyer- I am particularly envious of Tom Sawyers life style. All the freedom he had and the things he was able to do made me want to be just like him. Mark Twains story depicts a young boy and his friends who hang out, and they play games, go exploring, and run away. Many reluctant readers will enjoy Tom Sawyer, and many kids will want to be just like him. I know I did when I read Tom Sawyer!

    2.Robin Hood- Everyone knows the tale of Robin Hood, the famed outlaw who lives in Sherwood forest that steals from the rich and gives to the poor. But the book is filled with wild tales about Little John, Sherrif Nottingham, and of course, Robin. I highly reccomend this, as your kids will probably enjoy the stories of Robin Hood.

    3.Sherlock Homes- While the regular Sherlock Homes is far to big for any kid to ever read, the Treasury of Illustrated Classics has a Sherlock Homes book with 3 of Sherlock's most successful cases. The Speckled Band, The Red-Headed League, and The Copper Beaches. Each story is highly exciting as you try and solve the case with Sherlock and Dr.Watson. A bit of a warning although, the Speckled Band may be a tad scary! Other than that, its a wonderful book!

    Thanks for reading, I'm going to try posting blogs about my life, my relationship, my problems, book, and a bunch of random stuff!

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