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  1. Relic dolls: these are the Relics of the past. Strange unexplained creatures that live for decades when cut open their blood is an unnatural colour. Often a Relic doll can be food almost anywhere. They don't openly state what they are because it often results in them being killed.

    Relic dolls have white skin. Their eyes come in many shades natural and un natural and appear glassy. A Relic doll will often have light coloured hair. If their hair has been luck enough to be perserved over their years of being buried or hidden. However it wouldn't be unusual for one to dye its hair for the sake of not being found out. They wear the clothes of which ever continent they choose to reside in
  2. The Humans:

    The most civil race, they are naturally diplomatic and fair. They are capable of trade with most countries and have a legal system that ensures justice is well given. While humans hold slaves they tend to care for them and treat them well having laws that ensure their welfare. The humans show thought before turning to anger and often provide aid to races in need.

    This country is easy to access, wetlands, ocean and forest mark the boarders here also.

    The humans settled in West Savoa for its water sources and farmland. War has put a greater strain on farming.

    A race keen to keep up with the Drakan, the humans often follow their fashion trends. Though humans will wear brigga and linnen shirts. Humans come in various heights coloring.
  3. The Heckling are the most magically advanced and have the most knowledge of the proper use of it. They understand it’s origins and boast the best scholars to teach it.

    The Heckling live in wastelands that are accessible only with knowledge waters fortified by cliffs. Heat enduring plants only. Only by the ocean are the Draycon the closest neighbouring country.

    The Heckling were handed a foul fate by the Draycon and were banished to the wastelands. They have adapted to the environment and thrive well in it.

    The Heckling are other wise known as dog ears elves. They have large ears that can either flop or sit at a side angle often there are tan coloured patches on their ears. Their skin is dark and they have hair that is either sandy brown to black in colour. There eyes are light in colour. Eye sicknesses are common in this race and it isn't uncommon to find a Heckling that is blind or has bad sight. They wear light clothe and addorn themselves with crude gems bones and feathers. Woman tend to embelish their hair with these items. Hecklings are on the short side its rare to find one over 5,4 in height.
  4. Poetry submissions update,

    Poetry: American magazine?

    Poems submitted: disease of the birds and Epithalamion
    Declined via email

    Twisted tongue magazine: English

    Poems submitted: Wandering death
    Status: not viewed as of yet

    Spark bright magazine

    Poems submitted: A lore unto himself
    Status accepted bio entered publication update will be added later on.

    Dark Gothic resurrected magazine

    Poems submitted: perfection
    Status Accepted. Publication due out in October.
  5. Draycon habitat

    The Draycon live within cities and towns that are often craved from mountains or built into them. To the unsuspecting eye they often appear inaccessible. The passages hidden and working there way upwards from beneath ground. Farms tend to be nestled within valleys and close to streams. These lands are still bountiful. The Draycon’s lands over look that of the humans. The Draycon chose to settle here due to the protective location and plentiful lands.

    Draycon renowned

    Being the more inventive race the Draycon have weapons that appear like staves and are loaded with rune magic making them a ranged weapon. Poison masters in Draycon are renowned for creating poisons that do incurable damage.

    Draycon population

    The Draycon are the biggest race, half of Tetesie’s population is Draycon. The Draycon’s main city is Ardious.

    The drakan have humanoid forms and have a ranging height of any where between 5.8 and six two. The have hooves and all have wings however are flightless (you'll learn why later.) they have horns that can be either patruding nubs for females or large goat like horns for men. These are found above the ears. The drakan wear bright colored robes and adornments. Men often carry ornate swords and the females large daggers. The skin color is often pale and a drakans eyes are often hues of black brown or tawny. Their hair can be just about any natural color.
  6. The Draycon family Unit.

    In Draycon family is highly regarded and a thing of honour. Often parents raise there children to become boasting rights in their social circles. To a Draycon social status is highly important.

    Often the Draycon youth are given great respect as they are considered the age group to move the country forwards. The youth are often very obedient.

    Mothers within wealthy homes with servants and bondsmen will take the time to patch the clothes of their family. Their own parents included.

    Often female children are taught from a young age to be placid. They are often taught they are fragile and dependant on a mans good will.

    A Draycon family unit is made up of a mother and father, with their children and also the parents of the father. The Draycon have more children then any of the other races having anywhere from one to fifteen children due to low death rates in child baring this is because of the Draycon’s advanced technology

    The Human family unit

    Families are expected to be dutiful, female children based on their beauty are often married off into wealthy families. Thos less fortunate are left to their on martial devices. It isn’t uncommon for a female child to be wed at thirteen. A woman is often the family member to show the families wealth status through jewels and adornments. A woman’s looks are very important Families are often smaller then that of the Draycon due to death being an often occurrence in child birth.

    The Heckling and the Tortai.

    Families are support and friends. The more mouths there are to feed the strain on a family. Death in child baring is high and most families have one to three children often they leave home by ten to twelve to reduce a families stain.
  7. The Draycon suffer bands of mountain thieves often being of Tortai descent, they hold up the mines and rob them slaughtering the miners.

    Rune stones and Relics/Relic dolls are commonly fought over. It has been the major cause of the Heckling, Draycon war.


    Water resources

    The Heckling, collect water by digging for it at the bases of trees, or creating damned caves, to collect what little water they have. They also have found use of hardy trees with cup like leaves that one can drink collected rain water from. The Heckling have one major river called the Sanigee river at the summer periods of the year, this river will dry up and drought will ensure. Hecklings loose great numbers of their population through drought.

    Human and Tortai

    Often make man made streams branching off of rivers. They create large crude stone damns where the population is large enough to need it. Most villages with a population of more then twenty five people will have wells. The humans and the Draycon share the Herrat river the shallow depths lake and the Glaude river. As do the Draycon

    The Draycon have constructed large damns equipped with machinery called water wells, used to bring up large buckets of water. They carve seep wells from stone and often create manmade waterfalls that bring water inside the city to large stone ponds.
  8. Wild life

    Central and southern Savoa Plains

    Mice, rats, Ninchyn, Agar (A large bear the size of an elephant), Cannoloupe (deer type animal black in color size of a wolf hound.) possums, Criga hopping mice, Long snoutted Rhinoceros, Shudderfin catfish (shark like features as the name suggests the fin shudders, Has large bards when shuddering these barbs break off in a predators mouth and poison them.) Mud skip, various eels, Moma Bolting fish.

    Northeast Savoa

    Spike amphibious puffer fish, Soumah cat bear (Large bear with several similarities to a wild cat, feline teeth whiskers and long tail.) Pigs, ox, deer, foxes, wolves, possums, apes, buck hide horned lizard.
  9. Wild life.

    Arrowhead islands.

    Heckling thunder cat, A large domesticated cat once a predatory creature. It can by found in the arrowhead islands different variations of the animal can be found in Savoa (three extra species in total.) This animal can be trained for riding and is a preferred mount for armies. They are a favourite due to the speed they can move at and the agility they are capable whilst carrying a person. They are an intelligent animal and very loving when raised by humanoids at birth. They are white with black chests and often have strips that run from nose to tail. Large teeth that protrude from mouth and Three horns protruding from their foreheads.
    Horned Stabber, Wild beast that roams the mountainous regions of the wastes. They hunt in packs and can bring down pray twice there size. They are half the size of a human and tawny coloured. There aggression are noted by the Heckling as a species to steer clear of.
    Ninchyn, A flightless water bird half the height of a human, the Ninchyn is often located in ocean shore areas and other masses of water. They burrow holes in the side of the earth by water and retreat to these areas in the heat of day. Nocturnal they hunt at night. The nynchyn is green and black with a bulky body and webbed feet.

    large ox burdened with heavy horns they group together on dry grass plans they are black in colour with large heads and heavy skinned necks to protect against predatory attacks. They are a Heckling food source and are also farmed for eating.

    Blood brood a small bird that groups with others of its species as the name suggests they are crimson in color. They are territorial and will fight birds that are not from their group off of their Teritorial areas. They eat small lizards and other birds. They also scavenge from wasteland corpses.

    Small ticks that are found on grass and in sand. The tick's Saliva has a chemical that is acid like. The spittle burns a hole in the flesh of its victim making burrowing an easy task.

    Hagar, A large lizard much like the goanna, they burrow in the desert lands and can often by found resting in the sun. They have jewelled scales on either side of their cheeks that are highly sought after for armour and jewellery. The rest of their body is grey in colour.
  10. Climate.

    North east Savoa, Draycon lands.

    The peaks of North east Savoa are often snow crested. Rain is a common factor the North east Savoa. The lands due to the climate are healthy and fruitful, abundant in flora and fauna. At times the climate can lead to seasonal landslides after the melting of the snow from it's peaks. The weather is often tepid rather then humid.

    Borderline Savoa, Human and Tortai lands

    The summer periods bring humid weather then make way for monsoonal rains. This area is subject to earthquakes and tremors.

    South Savoa Torta and Human lands

    Tepid environment, warm with average rain falls. This area is also subject to earthquakes and tremors, there are also several volcanos in the area.

    The Arrow head islands.

    Wasteland / desert environment. Dew by night and searing heat by day. These lands are commonly under drought. they also suffer from erosion and sandstorms.


    Also refer to map.

    Central Draycon and human Savoa have a highly productive farmland that grows fruits and vegetables.

    Human, Tamshry also hold productive central farming lands

    Northwest Arrowhead islands, Hecklings. Have tropical climate fruits they farm certain trees and shrubs for roots and under earth vegetable crops.

    Centralised east Arrowhead islands. The same farming applies
  11. Please note I am still adding to this as I sift through my information.

    land habitats.

    The Heckling live in central and coastal areas of the Arrow head islands within the wastelands and upon the areas that are fruitful. The environment is typical salt arid wastelands. They use the shells of old ruined building for shelter and have only one city Sanigee, salvaged from the ruins of an old coastal port. The closest neighbours to the Heckling are the Draycon who are separated only by the Heiras ocean.

    The Tortai live to the south east and the north of Savoa on coastal and plain type areas. Where farming is fruitful and rain commonly found. The Tortai lands are easy to access with forest boundaries only. Human’s as a neighbouring country. The land how ever is starting to show signs of suffering over farming.

    The Humans live to the south east within the mouth of the wetlands. They are also found on a green plains belt in central Savoa. This country is easy to access, wetlands, ocean and forest mark the boarders here also.

    The humans settled in West Savoa for its water sources and farmland. War has put a greater strain on farming.

    The Draycon live in central and north east Savoa, along mountain ranges that over look human lands.

    The Draycon live in a region that is thick with mountainous areas. The terrain is rocky but still accessible. Heavy mountain ranges, lined with thicket, forest and an ocean to mark its boarders. The human counties boarder with the Draycon’s.

    The Draycon settled in Northeast Savoa due to it’s strategic location, though they have claimed ports in other countries. Over time Dryke has grown stronger the farmland has changed little.
  12. Tetesie's evolution

    Tetesie is older then it's history cares to recall. As said previously, it was built upon the ruins of an old era. This era was crippled by destruction. Eighty five percent of the previous population was destroyed several species and races became extinct due to the destruction. The landscape is now scarred, considered even as gouged out in places. From the mass use of technological weapons in periods of war.

    Tetesie's previous destruction came about due to over advanced weapons in a bitter war. Before the destruction of the planet it's age was 20901 years of age. After the destruction it had a further 200 years. Surviving races of the war grouped together to form small colonies upon the most fruitful of the lands which was Savoa. The surviving animal races, have evolved to suite a more complex climate and demographic location.

    An example of the evolution of animal species, would be the Heckling thunder cat.
    Once this animal was much smaller and appeared as only a cat, at current day this animal is now twice it's original size has also evolved to become more smarter. it also has horns upon it's head which protect it from predatory creatures such as the scavenger Agar (A large bear about the size of an elephant) which survives by eating whatever it can.

    Due to the Heckling thunder cat’s evolution, several races have tamed this cat for use as a mount in battle. It's agility renowned amongst any rideable animal.

    Another example of evolution, is the evolution of the Draycon race. The Draycon just after the destruction had wings, this kind of evolution came about due to predators and feeding needs. After the Draycon settled there was no longer any need for flight. They soon lost use of there wing and after the offspring they bared often had deformed wings. Or small parts of the wings bone structure covered by flesh upon there backs (thing the Manx cat and its nub for a tail.) They have yet to lose the horns upon there heads to the chain of evolution.

    The Heckling who were pushed out into the wastelands by the other races, grew narrower and longer feet to tackle the terrain. They have large dog like ears that look similar to that of a kelpie dog. This diversity helps them to pick up sound scapes around them, hence making them more alert.
  13. First of all sorry this took my lazy butt so long...
    I wouldn't worry about this to much it's just a basic break down of things


    Tetesie is an earth like planet, this planet is built on the ruins of an old era that once held a vast technology. This planet boasts legend and three varieties of magic. Ranging from herbalists to the more destructive rune casting. The planet is home to five different forms of intelligent creatures. The Heckling, revitalises of the old ways and salvagers of the legendary Relic dolls. The Draycon, highly inventive and resourceful, with one of the greatest political and legal systems. The push forwards in advancements, both scientific and magical. The humans with the greatest arsenal and army on the planet. The humans are positive traders and weapons experts knowing how to use a weapon to it's full capacity. The Tortai, bountiful farmers that can make seemingly anything they touch grow. They boast powerful labourers and put the saying Rome wasn't built in a day to the test. They created the finest of anything. Tetesie's rarest natural creation is the Fragia tree and the scattered dead waste islands system that is bound with the Fragia roots.

    Tetesie Boasts four different continents ranging from mountain scapes and wetlands, to thicket forests and arid salt wastelands. The warmer seasons bring about the time of the Iris moon, when the landscape is awash in purple light and the days sear the land with an unforgiving sun. The winter period called Soleste brings unrelenting monsoonal rains to most of the area.
  14. “Police have raided the home of an ex-Qantas flight attendant who had a mid-flight romp with actor Ralph Fiennes on a flight from Darwin to India.” Quotes nine msn news online.

    Further more it reads on to state she had declared herself bankrupt and dishonestly disposed of property and money from a trust fund she had declared bankrupt. However police reporting fraud claims. Seized $8000 from her residence and a laptop.

    Why did she do it? Because she a bad girl or were their underlying factors? No matter what the reason she is looking at the possibility of jail. I don’t want to get to the point of why she did it. As the human race I think we all know that people tend to do as they are. I don’t believe in questioning the personality of others. Most people would have money come to their minds anyway.

    What I am interested in is the money side of things. How far does one have to go to believe they are financially secure? Why does the endeavour for money become upmost in people. I myself have been on the receiving end of the law when it comes to money. As the old saying goes once bitten twice shy. So why do people chose to over ride law for the sake of money.

    I’ve often heard people say money doesn’t make you happy and I believe the saying is true. If you’ve got it illegally your forever looking over your shoulder, if you have earnt it you want more. Often it leads to the great feeling of incomplete.

    I’d love to hear what you all think.
  15. Just a list of what I've been subbing to various magazines, enzines and so on. I got my first acceptence for this group today, I'll follow up with a list of what I'm editing and putting in next.

    Poetry submissions update

    Online magazine submissions

    Poetry: American magazine?

    Poems submitted: disease of the birds and Epithalamion
    Status not viewed as of yet.

    Twisted tongue magazine: English

    Poems submitted: Wandering death
    Status: not viewed as of yet

    Spark bright magazine

    Poems submitted: A lore unto himself
    Status Not viewed as of yet

    Dark Gothic resurrected magazine

    Poems submitted: perfection
    Status Accepted. Publication due out in October.

    The Rose and Thorn

    Poems submitted: Glass Blossoms, her lullaby, the introduction
    Status Not yet viewed.