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  1. Guys!

    My mom randomly bought me plane tickets to visit her! I'm in NY! Holy shit! :bigeek:

    I'll be here for a week. :-D Plan is to catch up on some desperately-needed relaxation, hang out with my mom (duh), and write / critique cos I'm sorely out of the habit right now. Oi.

    Anybody want a critique? If no volunteers, I'm just gonna go to the Workshop and pick at random. <.<
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  2. Okay okay okay okay.

    I moved. I'm settled in, mostly. I was waiting for things to settle down more, but, I don't see any change in my schedule anytime soon. This is what it's going to be.

    So I have to force myself to start writing again. I puked out the first bits of Chapter 3, but it feels like I'm writing blind now. I have an outline, but I'm not sure where to go. Doesn't feel like enough, I guess.


    Anyone want to be my accountability officer? :-D You get to beat me up if I don't write.
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  3. I liiiived! That drive home was the scariest fucking thing ever. There were underwater levels. I thought we were going to die.


    So the cat and I are settled back in at home, and now it's back to our comfy routines. Vacations suck because I don't like changes in my schedule. *grumble* :wtf:

    *puts feet up* :-D