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    If there’s one word likely to cause a reaction in people, it’s the word ‘God’. Many are perplexed by the word, due primarily in our western culture to the influence of Christianity. The difficulty is that the human race has made a concept of God, instead of the direct experience that obliterates the need for belief in any external saviour or for hope in some future heaven. A concept is an interpretation of an idea and a degradation of the original purity, while the idea of God is inherent within the being of everybody on earth.

    The conceptualising of God accounts for the wide range of discrepancies in religions and many spiritual disciplines, as well as atheism and scientific materialism. We’ve all been exposed to a degree to some of the concepts presented by the great body of science. Although many people pay little attention to theoretical precepts, the absorption of scientific rationality, even as a background vibration, tends to deaden the sensitivity to intimations of the inner realm. The idea of God is a continuous revelation, unknowable to the rational mind but not beyond realisation as individual consciousness. Little wonder that the reality behind the word has been degraded to a mainly superficial level of expression in today’s modern lexicon. However the truth has never changed; it’s just the impediment of a mental enclave that’s created a barrier of time and past to the timeless presence of the spirit.

    So what is God? This is the fundamental question. The answer is not found in the bible or any religious teachings. If there were any truth in these traditions we’d have seen some positive results by now. As it is, the spiritual power within the teachings of the originating masters is so deeply buried and out of touch with the times that it’s impossible for ordinary people to live. For the many, with mortgages, busy lifestyles and other laudable excuses, it’s far easier to pay lip service to religious belief and pray for forgiveness for being an unworthy sinner.

    Is there one word which is demonstrable of God that even a child would instantly recognise? And the answer is life. In the first instance, God is undeniably life; the vital feeling of being alive. This self-evident truth does not require belief or proof of some supernatural being. Life however, although imbued with divine precision and brilliance, is a purely mechanical process. As a medium of supreme abstract elasticity, life provides the vehicle for God to arise as intelligence in matter in existence. The first principle of intelligence is ‘I’, the self-reflective function and personal pronoun used by everyone on earth. And so down through the ages, prophets and mystics have acknowledged God as I by such sayings as: ‘You shall have no other God but I’ or ‘I shall never leave thee or forsake thee.’ I in every body am God; but the degree of my self-knowledge determines how conscious I am of my own reality.

    The temptation to objectify the formless truth I am within every body is almost overwhelming; but not when the simplicity of God is perceived in an individual’s own living experience. Jesus Christ said ‘I am the way the life and the truth’. The consciousness of the world psyche at that time, and for generations that followed, assumed that Jesus was referring to himself as a man. From this monumental error came two thousand years of religious tyranny and torment for the human race. And religious belief persists today as the main impediment to the direct experience of God – and being responsible for I, the one and only within every body.

    Humanity is the spiritual becoming of God as the principle of intelligence on earth. God in existence is man and woman. Making physical love is the way in which the original state of God consciousness is preserved; but only to the degree that someone is prepared to love selflessly in the surrender of any emotional negativity that would sully the purity of the love. God out of existence is truth, knowledge without knowing that is not dependent on thought or memory, but only the immediacy of the moment.

    God is the transcendental presence which sustains everything in an effortless state of universal consciousness beyond sense and reason; an immortal cycle of never-ending life that unfolds in the drama of living and the after death process. God is everything and nothing simultaneously – a seeming paradox of creative genius appearing in one glorious production called existence.

    Nevertheless, God remains forever a mystery and extends beyond the horizon of any realisation or sense of completion. God is God. And no more can really be said, outside of the direct experience of this radiant spiritual profundity.
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    To be touched by something is a direct experience that bypasses the emotional self and communicates to the depths of the being. To be touched in love there is no discernible movement, but a direct knowledge of rightness and gratitude, both inwardly and without. To be touched by a work of art is to edify the consciousness as a unity of being that reduces the distance between the viewer and what’s being observed.

    To be moved by anything stirs the emotions; the person then becomes identified with the experience and oblivious to the inner realm of love. What’s usually overlooked is that any movement creates an opposite effect to counter balance the pendulum effect of emotion, either as the rising wave of excitement or descending wave of depression. Any kind of movement is a degradation of consciousness that exists as a negative force of ignorance. The whole world exists as a continuity of movement.

    The sensual touch of a man is different to that of a woman. His fingers and hands are extensions of the psychic being and communicate a presence beyond the physical touch feeling. To the degree that a man is sensitive to his inner nature, he emanates a quality of love that can reach a deeper place in a woman, even in his caress and loving embrace. A man less sensitive and who is continually looking for sexual gratification vibrates at a coarser frequency; his touch is harder, reaching only the surface level of a woman’s inner mystery. A man, if he is willing, has to become accustomed to the sensational presence of his body and consciously feel the vital life that flows through his inner system without thought or fantasy.

    Nature provides the mirror of the sweet nature we all love and recognise in one another, particularly in those times of spontaneity and innocence. A woman can often perceive a quality in man by the way he pauses to acknowledge beauty during the day. To the degree that a man has received the accolade from woman through his nobility and service to the female principle, he is able to reach her in a deeper place than a normal lover. Physical union is the divine touch of love in existence: the eternal magnet that draws lovers together towards a deepening knowledge of that profound mystical realm.
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    An alien force has invaded planet earth. This unsuspected entity’s name is sex – now a global possession that drives the progressive world. Masquerading as ambition and acquisition, sex is the energy that lubricates the mechanism of western culture and hides behind all cruelty, greed and violence. Some of the signs are self-evident whilst others are more subtle and influence the world unknowingly. The global possession of sex is the unsuspected cause behind global warming and the deforestation of the rainforests and other natural resources of the planet. The external world is a perfect mirror of the inner psyche, which obediently reciprocates the wants and desires of humankind.

    Today wherever love appears, or endeavours to be expressed, it’s soon extinguished and undermined by the sexual force of the world. At the time of writing there are innumerable sex scandals being reported in the media. But perhaps the most surprising thing is that people are still shocked by what’s happening. Violence and war arise from the sexual frustration of leaders, politicians and industrialists, unable to reconcile the sexual drive and momentum of their own loveless existence. This in turn fuels the mass media, whose sole objective is to stoke the unhappiness of the human race by reporting on scandal and tragedy in the world. Sex without love is a destructive force that considers nothing but itself in getting what it wants. Sex looks to possess another whereas love looks to give. Sex pursues the innocent with unbridled lust, as a serial killer stalks a fresh victim.

    Sex in its purity is love, our natural state of being. The unifying energies of the male and female principles provide the most glorious pleasure in existence, and the physical expression of love is essential to the wellbeing of the body. If everyone in the world just made love for the sheer beauty and privilege of being in another body, there would be no problems on planet earth. Human beings are unique in that we can know and be conscious of life and love as no other instinctive animal can. However, the peculiar effect of self-consciousness is that any reflection on the pure reproductive energy within the body is immediately corrupted. As a consequence, the human race has become a slave to the possessive force that is alien to the natural state of love. Indulgence in erotic stimulation magnifies the possibility of psychic possession. In extremes, particularly when sexual assault is involved, the individual can be totally overcome by these unconscious forces.

    The sexual possession arises from the core of the self as a reaction to the pain and pleasure of being in existence. It’s a gradual process that begins to manifest externally in the child through the voice and throat. This is sometimes heard in children when they speak in a distorted and exaggerated manner; and more graphically, when they erupt in a tantrum as they all do at some time. The possession then permeates every cell in the body as a psychic presence, which is triggered at puberty as the reproductive potential is activated. It’s the introduction to the body of this extraordinary new energy that accounts for teenagers being restless, irritable and often rebellious to their peers and society at large. This is compounded through the sexual experience and self-obsessive nature of the developing adult – and is the cause of every neurosis and psychological disorder that afflicts the human race.

    The global possession of sex is now complete and there’s nothing that can be done to eradicate the escalation of global negativity. The planet has been decimated by the worldwide scramble for materialism, resulting in great wealth for the minorities while the majority make do, starve to death or become vulnerable to those who traffic in the most despicable of human vices. Any philanthropic gesture or selfless act to alleviate the suffering and injustice in poverty-stricken areas in the world will be a drop in the ocean, and soon overwhelmed by greater tragedy and civil unrest.

    Sex without love is the compulsive drive and craving of the human race. The only hope is woman, the female principle, who is willing to make a stand for love. Man, of course, must be willing to face his sexual self; but will falter in his earnest endeavour to be true if he feels he can get away with his predatory sexual exploits. Only a woman who has suffered enough at the hands of man, and has realised what she doesn’t want, can really be effective in bringing a man to his senses. Love itself is a mighty power which, when invoked, demands honesty as a prerequisite to sexual physical union. A woman who sees the truth of love will refuse to have sex without the reassuring presence of love. In being true to love, and no longer willing to compromise with man’s sexual demands, she will never to have to suffer at his hands again.

    However, the natural union between the male and female genders will gradually fade in successive generations due to a unisex culture that will engineer genetically-induced flesh robots for sexual pleasure. People will shun intimate relationships in favour of impersonal sex with robots to deflect the responsibility of love, and from facing the hell of emotionality in the reflection of the other. The internet will evolve as technology crosses the boundary between sensual and virtual reality. A four-dimensional holographic experience will eradicate the need to travel and for many of the pursuits and pastimes that people engage in today.

    The most pressing concern affecting the wellbeing of humanity is the build-up of electromagnetic pollution which is currently manifesting (unperceived at present) as an outbreak of anxiety disorder directly linked to the nervous system. This will gradually externalise as the most widespread mental health issue in recorded history. But the cause will never be traced back to the abnegation of love by human beings for sexual self-satisfaction.

    It’s quite a legacy for tomorrow’s children.
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    Free will is a subject many people ponder when examining the meaning of life. It’s also at the crux of every debate on the nature of existence and an individual’s role in determining their own destiny. But could it be that something fundamental has been overlooked concerning free will which, when perceived, opens up the possibility of an extraordinary new way of life?

    Most people associate free will with the freedom of choice to take action or make decisions independent of any extraneous agency. The personal element of free will is undeniable; we have it and are able to use it as we see fit. The difficulty is that one man’s free will inevitably conflicts with the wants or wishes of another. The result, multiplied by the collective free will of humanity, is a momentous collision of forces appearing as the disputes and mayhem besieging the planet daily. Man’s treasured free will is not so much a gift of the divine but a noose that ensnares the majority of the human race. If we truly had free will we’d be able to withdraw at will at any time from the pressure of stress and emotional pain. But as it is we’re stuck with the effects of the human condition until the living process reveals the way out.

    This leads on to the question of whether everything is predetermined. Indeed, at the beginning of the life everything is predetermined unconditionally, including the parents and the environment into which a baby is born. The individual’s life is broadly outlined, but with space for the karma to be modified in accordance with the response to the circumstances experienced during the lifetime. Free will begins to exert itself in a child through the gradual formation of a personal self. Until sufficient past has accrued, the negative effects of personal wanting are minimal. To the degree that adversity is overcome by courage and self-sacrifice, the difficulties that were predetermined are neutralised and become a power of negation to harmonise the life, both within and without.

    People often use the term ’willpower’ to describe an individual’s resolve in overcoming challenges or to achieve something tangible in a particular area of the life. But, relative to the material world, willpower has no discernible effect on anything in existence. True willpower develops as an individual begins to sense the presence of a higher and more intelligent power within the body. Willpower is the developing equilibrium to remain straight and true against any wilful demands of the personal self. This induces a gradual realignment of personal free will with the all-embracing power of the impersonal Will. To grasp the idea of this impersonal Will, we need to discard any scientific, religious or philosophical approach for direct experience. But it will be necessary to suspend the doubting mind and rely on the pure intelligence inherent within the body.

    Whatever is happening now is at the behest of the Will. However, the extraordinary quality of the Will is that it imposes no restrictions on a person’s choices or individual free will. The closest thing in existence to the Will that can be practically applied in everyday life is the situation. What the situation requires is not always what the person wants, and often conflicts with the expectations and demands of others. The key to this is that everything happens in individual consciousness. To make a problem of any situation sets in motion conflicting circumstances which take longer to resolve, or even make things worse. Any frustration or anger arising when things don’t work out as expected is to be in conflict with the divine impersonal Will. But it’s a massive undertaking to align oneself with the Will because this mighty power serves the totality of life – and not what the person thinks is best.

    As spiritually orientated beings (and this is all of us, whether conscious or unconscious), the endeavour is to be responsible for life, come what may, as the circumstances that must be faced in the external world. It takes great honesty and courage to surrender the personal free will to something that has no discernible features and is unable to be quantified in the world. But this imperceptible quality is what the great mystics and spiritual men and women refer to as God. At the beginning of time there was only the Divine Will. By going it alone in revolt to the one good or God, humanity became its own judge and executioner. The effects of this have been rolling on for millennia and manifest as the terrible consequences of our own making, which have to be continually rectified.

    So the question is: what can be done to neutralise the negative effects of free will that appear as the problems and restrictions in the life? And the answer is in the living process itself, which miraculously provides the way back for anyone willing to reunite with the source of original freedom. Self-knowledge is the way which is a continual revelation of former ignorance. Within the grand scheme, ignorance serves to protect an individual until able to face the blinding light of their own inner reality. Finally, true free will is the Will of God that directs the life as the being behind the form. It all comes down to being disabused of a free will that is the personification of ignorance – until, mercifully, the penny drops and I, the individual, need never suffer again.
  5. There’s no good or bad; just the repetition of ignorance unable to right what’s wrong. Goodness has no badness; just the rightness of all that’s wrong. Mind is never now, but thinks it knows what’s right by thinking what’s wrong.

    Man reaches for the stars because woman resides in heaven. Heaven is imagined to be an unattainable goodness while alive. This is the wrongness that is not now but then. Now is not then, but ‘then’ again is closer to now.

    Love is the freedom from fear with nothing to do apart from now.
    To be in love is to be in the best of company. Then wrong can be right without anything bad to sully the good that is now.