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    Regardless of age and past experience, it’s never too late for love. Love is the pivotal circumstance of everybody’s life, since it’s the inner impulse that never lets anyone rest for long. This is because woman is made for love and man is the great lover. As a universal state of supreme beauty, love is constant as the unifying principle in existence. But in a world where objects and people occupy a particular position in space and time, love is vulnerable to the forces of existence and must persevere in its task to restore the sense of separation to original unity.

    Love has two aspects, both of which are extremely familiar to us all. There is the love of the indefinable, the inner source of radiance and joy. To love that which is unnameable, yet embraces everything that could possibly be imagined as a state of completion, is negation: the surrender of the person to the mystery behind the form. This inner devotion to the spirit out of existence has the effect of detaching from the world as a need for the repetition of experience. The second aspect is love in existence and this concerns everybody on earth. The attraction between man and woman is divine and never changes as an imperative for physical union between the opposite principles. What changes as people get older, or have experienced the often harsh lessons in their personal relationships, is the accumulation of emotion. Love is not an emotion but an original state of being. This timeless presence is the spiritual essence of the life, but is often imperceptible against the coarser vibrations of the emotional body.

    People often become identified with their past hurts and disappointments of sex without love, and are adamant they will never again be subjected to such emotional pain. In my professional life I’ve encountered this on innumerable occasions, mostly with women. But when I’ve asked them if they still yearn for love, the answer is invariably ‘yes’ but with a reservation – they fear the sexual force of man and having to give in to his expectations and demands. Women who have experienced the disappointments, and sometimes degradation, of sex without love (and this is in most women’s experience), often cut off from man altogether. They are so appalled by his failure to love that they want no more to do with him at any personal level in their lives. Identified with their emotional suffering, they fail to perceive the protection that past experience has given them. This is for a woman to refuse to have sex with a man unless he’s able to demonstrate over time that he truly loves to be with her and is willing to take her on whatever the circumstances.

    It’s quite common for older women to project their love exclusively onto grandchildren and live out their lives vicariously through them. This is disastrous for love because a woman can then become obsessively attached to them as a substitute for the love of man. Maturity in age brings a certain worldly wisdom but, sadly, not often in the areas of life so desperately needed. The wisdom of love is vitally important in this world, particularly for children today who are so often contaminated by exposure to pornography before they reach puberty. Anyone who has cut off from love as a conscious act of defiance or fear has forfeited the opportunity to give something back to life and love.

    Many men and women become comfortable being on their own, and the prospect of a partner who could upset their daily routine is dismissed as completely unacceptable. It may be convenient living like that, but there will be a void in the life that is sometimes registered as feelings of loneliness and despair. When a woman is truly vulnerable to love so that her very existence becomes an impulse of devotion to a man who later leaves her or dies, the feeling is often that she’ll never be able to love another with the same intensity and passion again. This happens even in younger women, who often question whether they will find love again in their entire lives.

    It’s a beautiful sensation to be held by another body and to feel the nourishment of masculine strength or feminine mystery. The touch of the hand communicates more than the physical feeling in someone sensitive to their own inner nature. Love is not just made in the sexual act, but in everyday life through being receptive and psychically open to the ever-changing moment. Attraction and enjoyment of another’s company is pleasant and lovely in its own right and needn’t go any further, unless it does. It’s the being which is resonant to love, and a man who can truly love the female principle is able to see her innate beauty, regardless of the ageing process of the body.

    Everybody is waiting for love, even though an individual may declare with conviction that there’s no desire for romance. This was demonstrated to me by a widowed lady in her eighties who came for a consultation to hear what I could tell her about her life. Amongst other things, I told the lady that love was in the air and that she should be open for romance with a new man. On hearing this she said, ‘That’s all very well but what I really like is a good roast dinner’! Anyway she discovered to her amazement, when a man entered her life some months later, that it’s never too late for love.
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    An alien force has invaded planet earth. This unsuspected entity’s name is sex – now a global possession that drives the progressive world. Masquerading as ambition and acquisition, sex is the energy that lubricates the mechanism of western culture and hides behind all cruelty, greed and violence. Some of the signs are self-evident whilst others are more subtle and influence the world unknowingly. The global possession of sex is the unsuspected cause behind global warming and the deforestation of the rainforests and other natural resources of the planet. The external world is a perfect mirror of the inner psyche, which obediently reciprocates the wants and desires of humankind.

    Today wherever love appears, or endeavours to be expressed, it’s soon extinguished and undermined by the sexual force of the world. At the time of writing there are innumerable sex scandals being reported in the media. But perhaps the most surprising thing is that people are still shocked by what’s happening. Violence and war arise from the sexual frustration of leaders, politicians and industrialists, unable to reconcile the sexual drive and momentum of their own loveless existence. This in turn fuels the mass media, whose sole objective is to stoke the unhappiness of the human race by reporting on scandal and tragedy in the world. Sex without love is a destructive force that considers nothing but itself in getting what it wants. Sex looks to possess another whereas love looks to give. Sex pursues the innocent with unbridled lust, as a serial killer stalks a fresh victim.

    Sex in its purity is love, our natural state of being. The unifying energies of the male and female principles provide the most glorious pleasure in existence, and the physical expression of love is essential to the wellbeing of the body. If everyone in the world just made love for the sheer beauty and privilege of being in another body, there would be no problems on planet earth. Human beings are unique in that we can know and be conscious of life and love as no other instinctive animal can. However, the peculiar effect of self-consciousness is that any reflection on the pure reproductive energy within the body is immediately corrupted. As a consequence, the human race has become a slave to a possessive force that is alien to the natural state of love. Indulgence in erotic stimulation magnifies the possibility of psychic possession. In extremes, particularly when sexual assault is involved, the individual can be totally overcome by these unconscious forces.

    The sexual possession arises from the core of the self as a reaction to the pain and pleasure of being in existence. It’s a gradual process that begins to manifest externally in the child through the voice and throat. This is sometimes heard in children when they speak in a distorted and exaggerated manner; and more graphically, when they erupt in a tantrum as they all do at some time. The possession then permeates every cell in the body as a psychic presence, which is triggered at puberty as the reproductive potential is activated. It’s the introduction to the body of this extraordinary new energy that accounts for teenagers being restless, irritable and often rebellious to their peers and society at large. This is compounded through the sexual experience and self-obsessive nature of the developing adult – and is the cause of every neurosis and psychological disorder that afflicts the human race.

    The global possession of sex is now complete and there’s nothing that can be done to eradicate the escalation of global negativity. The planet has been decimated by the worldwide scramble for materialism, resulting in great wealth for the minorities while the majority make do, starve to death or become vulnerable to those who traffic in the most despicable of human vices. Any philanthropic gesture or selfless act to alleviate the suffering and injustice in poverty-stricken areas in the world will be a drop in the ocean, and soon overwhelmed by greater tragedy and civil unrest.

    Sex without love is the compulsive drive and craving of the human race. The only hope is woman, the female principle, who is willing to make a stand for love. Man, of course, must be willing to face his sexual self; but will falter in his earnest endeavour to be true if he feels he can get away with his predatory sexual exploits. Only a woman who has suffered enough at the hands of man, and has realised what she doesn’t want, can really be effective in bringing a man to his senses. Love itself is a mighty power which, when invoked, demands honesty as a prerequisite to sexual physical union. A woman who sees the truth of love will refuse to have sex without the reassuring presence of love. In being true to love, and no longer willing to compromise with man’s sexual demands, she will never to have to suffer at his hands again.

    However, the natural union between the male and female genders will gradually fade in successive generations due to a unisex culture that will engineer genetically-induced flesh robots for sexual pleasure. People will shun intimate relationships in favour of impersonal sex with robots to deflect the responsibility of love, and from facing the hell of emotionality in the reflection of the other. The internet will evolve as technology crosses the boundary between sensual and virtual reality. A four-dimensional holographic experience will eradicate the need to travel and for many of the pursuits and pastimes that people engage in today.

    The most pressing concern affecting the wellbeing of humanity is the build-up of electromagnetic pollution which is currently manifesting (unperceived at present) as an outbreak of anxiety disorder directly linked to the nervous system. This will gradually externalise as the most widespread mental health issue in recorded history. But the cause will never be traced back to the abnegation of love by human beings for sexual self-satisfaction.

    It’s quite a legacy for tomorrow’s children.
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    It’s said that only the mystic or the mad see God. And the most natural thing in existence to love madly is God or the source of life itself. There’s only a fine line between a mystic and a madman. The mystic has to be willingly reduced to nothing and somehow contain the reaction of the emotional self exposed under the penetrating light of the spirit – without going mad. The love of God is mad in the eyes of the world; for God is nothing and the world always loves something as an object, icon or new experience.

    As the world exists to keep everyone busy and distracted from the truth of life, the human race wilts under the pressure to discover something real and permanent. But because there’s nothing of real value in their lives, most people become psychologically and emotionally attached in their relationships, and consequently become vulnerable to the fear of loss. Thus they are inwardly on the verge of madness because the truth of life is that all must leave or die. However, for most people, the prospect of death is so utterly shocking that it remains the ultimate taboo subject. People avoid this through the hypnotic suggestion of the world that we’re all progressing towards a better future, when it’s demonstrable that things are becoming progressively worse.

    There are three phases of madness in the spiritual process. The first phase is the entry of the spirit into the brain, which initiates an inward turn towards the source of reality within the body. In my own experience, the impact of this revitalising new energy resulted in friends and family having grave concerns about my mental condition! In some extreme cases, the effects can be so overwhelming that people are institutionalised for their own protection. The second phase, around five years later, is the realisation of the possessive force of the psychic self, the madness now exposed as the thinking disease and emotional suffering. The challenge of the spiritual life at all times is to remain vertical and true through being as practical as possible in the everyday affairs of living. In this way, the madness is prevented from becoming excessive and a relative harmony is maintained.

    The third phase of madness, probably a decade or so later, is the realisation that the whole world is mad and that I, the individual, am not. But who would believe it? The integrity of the spiritual process is that to be liberated from the constraints of ignorance, I, the individual man or woman, must confront all that has yet to be faced as unconscious living in the past. Just like walking the high wire, where the balance between life and death is minute, so in the inner descent the line between madness and sanity can be precarious. But all is well for there is something more infinitely profound which supports the entire production of life. This is the virtue that will preserve the essential dignity of the individual, even unto death or derision by the world.

    The true mystic is he or she who loves God more than anything else in the world. Such unwavering devotion attracts forces in existence that will test the resolve of that person and eliminate any false notions of reality. Just how mad someone is can be measured by the belief in the world to provide peace as an uninterrupted state of being. How long the condition of madness lasts is determined by the diminishing resistance to the call of the spirit – and surrender to the sanity of pure unconditional love.
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    The opening of Pandora’s Box, which released the ‘evils of the world’ into existence, is perhaps one of the most well known of the Greek myths. However, much of the original meaning has been subject to cultural variations and scholarly interpretation. Myth is the language of the spirit, and a living reality in the present as long as we human beings are open to the romance and timeless profundity of life.

    Pandora was the first woman in Greek mythology, created by Zeus, fashioned with beauty by Aphrodite and adorned with wisdom and artistry by certain other gods on mount Olympus. She was also bestowed, according to the myth, with less flattering attributes such as deceitfulness and cunning to better her status in the affairs of men. Zeus, still brooding and angry with Prometheus for stealing the secret of fire, arranged for Pandora to be given as a gift to Epimetheus, brother of Prometheus. Although warned not to accept gifts from the gods, Epimetheus was delighted to receive her. After a while, curious of a box (apparently a large jar used for storage of grain and sometimes a human body prior for burial), Pandora removed the lid, thereby releasing the diabolical contents and although she hastened to close it again, it was too late. The box was empty except for one thing remaining at the bottom: Elpis, the deity of hope, which also means ‘suffering’ in older translations of the myth.

    The myths were created in the psyche in an era of human evolution when Man was in the process of becoming a self-conscious being. Pandora’s Box is symbolic of the body of mankind. In its pure state the box has nothing inside and is the purified space of love. It was not unlike the Arc of the Covenant, which was also emptied of any corruptive impurities. But as time and past began to build up in the psyche, blockages began to impede the flow of life. The pent-up psychic force reached a peak and penetrated the surface of the earth. This was the disease of time as an effect in existence which set in motion the long arduous descent into matter, and was the dawning of human nature.

    The myth of Pandora’s Box, like all the great myths, is demonstrable in our ordinary living experience. The release of the ‘evils of the world’ is a familiar experience whenever there is an emotional outburst such as anger, hate, accusation or cruelty. When this happens, the reactionary self is a conduit for the degenerative effects of the human condition of unhappiness. Pandora’s Box is the body, the container of the essence of life. In the mythic consciousness, Zeus and the other gods had yet to fully externalise as physical beings. They could enter existence in physical form but were able to withdraw at will to the formless inner reality behind the appearance of the world.

    Pandora has been largely misunderstood, just as Eve was blamed for the ills of mankind in the biblical myth of the Garden of Eden. Pandora is really the personification of love. It was ‘She’ in disguise, arising from the spirit of the earth, who valiantly unleashed the forces of existence to seemingly impose on humanity the most dreadful and heinous fate imaginable. But what must be endured as affliction and hardship is paradoxically the only way back for human beings to reclaim their original freedom. Until Pandora had opened the box, the state of immortal life had been the exclusive domain of the gods. The release of the evils of the world served to undermine the supremacy of the gods over mortal man. Thus was love the saviour of mankind.

    The deity of hope was the only remnant in the box. But is there any hope in this world where everybody dies? Obviously not. But it’s a precious piece of propaganda that the human race clings to as comfort and avoidance of facing life as it is. Hope is the last thing that disappears when all is known to be lost and death is inevitable. Strangely, or miraculously, in that moment all fear vanishes and what remains is love. To me, the older translation of the word Elpis as ‘suffering’ is more appropriate, because to transcend hope while in the midst of living involves enormous self-sacrifice. Nobody has ever found God or freedom without undergoing tremendous inner turmoil and upheaval in external circumstances.

    The spiritual task is to purify the inner space of the body through being emptied of negativity. Any moment when the unconscious force of self overwhelms the person, it releases the lid of Pandora’s box. Each of us is apportioned an individual box of karma, the past ignorance of humanity, to be faced as the difficulties in the living life. Suffering rightly is to have the knowledge of a higher purpose and to be willing to be disabused of the rational misconception of love and truth. The deeper the love of God, or the mystery of life, the more excruciating is the pain of detachment from the world. The highest truth demands the ultimate surrender, which Pandora in her wisdom knew would eventually triumph over adversity.
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    Many of those who come to me for guidance have been involved in some form of psychic teaching such as visualisation, group healing or past life regression therapy. But usually there is much confusion in these people concerning the psychic realm and the spiritual reality of life.

    The psychic realm is a place where mediums and clairvoyants are able to communicate with the dead and have insights into the past and future. It is the band within the psyche which also contains entities that have lived and, no longer embodied, seek to enter existence through possession of another body. The psychic realm is the depository of humanity’s past living experience gathered in time, and which can be known and described by the mind. Spirit is unknowable to the mind and is the place of timeless knowledge that can only be realised as direct experience when the mind and body are one.

    Psychic knowledge is amazing and confounds the rationality of the mind, which relates almost exclusively to the objective sensory world. The value of divining the future and past is to demonstrate aspects of the profundity and wonder of life beyond the materialism of the outer realm. The difficulty for some people is that they become attached to the psychic effects, which are a like an opiate that seduces the mind and hooks the person to an agency beyond their conscious control. Voices, for example, which were once trusted must eventually be discarded or, as Joan of Arc discovered, they will provide misleading information.

    The psychic band is a level of mind that all must pass through in their spiritual journey. The quickest way through is not to hang around by being curious or flirting with a supposed source of knowledge. What I suggest to anyone who asks about these things is to be open to the amazing world of the psyche, but to allow its mystery to be revealed in its own time. Then whatever happens will be a part of the greater purpose of divine revelation without taking from or upsetting the harmony of the psyche.

    What’s not usually perceived is that using the psyche to bring about a magical effect must take from someone else, such as in absent healing when somebody may be cured but at the expense of another person’s condition getting worse. Also, whoever is engaged in such practices are made to be responsible for projecting their psychic vibes. These often return as difficulties in their own personal lives, such as fear, self-doubt and the depletion of vitality. Everyone is moved to serve in some way in the world and whatever anybody does has value. Many people who are engaged in psychic teachings have a deep empathy and love of their fellow man and woman, but are apprehensive of physical love in their partnerships. They give to others but avoid the sensual beauty of love made in the flesh, which is the natural restorative for any psychic negativity or the need for personal gain.

    It was written in the New Testament that Jesus was tempted by the devil, who offered him dominion of the world if he would denounce his God. In my own experience I realised that the lure of the psyche for power over others is the diabolical force of human ignorance in matter. And I suspect this has been encountered in anyone who has discovered the love of something greater than himself. The demonic energy which keeps the world moving is the impulse in people to control matter at a distance and influence the minds of others. This is the ultimate glamour – to bring about changes in the external world for self-satisfaction and sensual delight. The individual on the spiritual journey must confront this almost overwhelmingly seductive invitation and take nothing for himself, even though the opportunity is there for the taking.

    Beyond the psychic level of mind the psyche becomes finer, not unlike ascending a mountain when the air becomes more rarefied. Images and formal knowledge are left behind, and what remains is the purity of space without interpretation or conceptual thought. Spirit is unknowable to the mind but is always present; just as in the external world space is everywhere and within everything. Whereas in the psychic realm there is much movement and embryonic exchange of energies, the spiritual realm is completely still and silent. Nothing ever moves in this place, since movement of any kind is a form of ignorance or separation from the Source. What keeps the mind and being in the realm of spirit is devotion and gratitude to its mystery. There’s nothing here for the person because all is complete – and without need of embellishment.
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