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  • OJB
    Blog: OJB's blog. By OJB at 5:15 PM.
    The adverb, the most misused word in English. But what is an adverb? An adverb is a word that modifies a verb, adjective, or another adverb. An adverb answers one of the following questions. When? (Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow) Where? (There, here) How? (Fastly, slowly, beautifully) How much? (Mostly, partially, completely) Adverbs can be positioned in a number of positions in a sentence. At...
  • Jan
    Lance Kelly
    Blog: Lance Kelly's blog. By Lance Kelly at 2:03 PM.
    [ATTACH] Anyone who uses a computer will be familiar with the message of an error unknown. Since everything in the sensory world must symbolise a greater truth, what is the unknown error of existence? The error is that as a race we’ve lost touch with our original nature and become slaves to progress and the human condition of unhappiness. Despite every conceivable comfort and convenience, man...
  • Jan
    Jay Scarlett
    Blog: Jay Scarlett's blog. By Jay Scarlett at 5:59 AM.
    It all started after waking up after an accident, with no memories, no idea who I am, and where I was, or even I didn't recognized anybody and myself as well. I still haven't gotten used to this life, for so many reasons it feels awkward and so forceful. It has being a month since then yet nobody wants to tell me about what happened. Its like they hiding something from me, something I should...
  • Forinsyther
    Blog: Forinsyther's blog. By Forinsyther at 12:42 PM.
  • Jan
    Blog: Corbyn's blog. By Corbyn at 7:38 PM.
    Someone much smarter than me once said, "Time heals everything." Although, I'm sure this is true, sometimes it just doesn't seem that way. I've been absent as of late because I haven't been writing, and didn't feel like posting anything for fear it would come out like a pity party. I've spent the last few months wading through my own personal well of muck and excrement. It hasn't been fun,...