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Batman the Animated Series Villans Prt 1

Published by gibble410 in the blog gibble410's blog. Views: 44

If you dont know what I'm talking about, you must have had a sad childhood. Batman the Animated series was and is one of the very best Batman TV shows ever made. Good animation, characters, plots, music and more! It introduced new characters, such as Harley Quinn and Lock-Up, who later made it onto the pages of Batman comics! Read below on my take on the misunderstanding of some famous Batman villains.

Poison Ivy-

Poison Ivy: Poor Batman. All dressed up-
Harley Quin: -But with nowhere ta go!

Posion Ivy is one of the most recognizable Batman villans. In some versions of Poison Ivy, she can control plants, but in BTAS Poison Ivy can only manipulate the qualities of plants. She also has her signature poision kiss, which she first used on her fiancé, Harvey Dent. (Two-Face). She is usually locked up in Arkham Asylum, and most see Ms.Ivy as a plant lady.But she is much more, for while she may have an obsession with plants, and getting revenge on eco terrorists, but she wants an actual life. In the episode House and Garden, Posion Ivy created a copy of her Arkham doctor, as well as two kids. She wanted a life as a wife, a normal life, and kids were an added bonus. However when Batman busted her for poisoning and stealing from Rich Bachelors, she flew out of Gotham, shedding tears over a picture book with past adventures. She just wants a life for herself, not be locked up in an Asylum having a psychopathic clown for her best friend.

Keep watching for more posts with more villans!
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