My World Building Thing: Introduction

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When it comes to writing a fantasy novel, most people are going to do a lot of world building. Some people are going to get a little obsessive about it, make maps, plan out the history, plan out the perceived history, and then realise that they haven’t started the story. They then try to start the story, realise it's too late, go to sleep, and decide to write a few pages on a country to the south of the one yours is set in and no I do not have a problem.

Anyway, when writing your novel, it’s important to only add the relevant details. The best way to summarize what’ll happen is this.


Have you ever met a person with an extensive model train set? Have you ever heard anyone talk about their extensively model train set? If the answer to both of these questions was true, how long was it before you tuned out? If none of this has happened, picture a caucasian man in his late forties called Dave. He starts talking about his latest purchase, the D51 steam locomotive and how it doesn’t quite fit on his S rail, making him think the manufacturer is lying.

Sorry about that, i just needed to show you how it feels when you talk about your world without a point for people to anchor to, such as a character. Now, you may be wondering why I’ve written all this in something dedicated to me rambling about my own world. Surely it would come across as hypocritical for me to do such a thing, unless intentionally done as a means of deflecting criticism via acknowledgement of it.

Anyway, the reason I’m actually doing this is because I don’t want it to purely a thing that I see, mostly because I enjoy sharing and because other people can look at it as well and provide constructive criticism. This section however was to serve as a short introduction, and I’ll write the first piece some time next week, but much more likely whenever I get round to it, but so I don’t leave people completely dry, this is Taughfland.

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