The Way of the Mountain

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I had to put down one of my two week old baby goats today. He was born with his two front knees fused in a curled position. We gave him two weeks to get better, but didn't. Now, I kill and butcher the bucklings when they are ten months old anyways but, they live a good life till then and have a great herd to be part of. It just seems so unfair to have to kill something so small and innocent. I held it in the palm of one hand and held the pistol in the other. It was a very humane death. But it makes a person wonder why would this innocent creature be born in a way that was basically a death sentence. But like the friend of the main character in my current book would say. "There aint no guarantees in life when you live on the mountain." I didn't feel like writing after this, so I called a friend and we busted trail up to a high mountain lake and ice fished all day. :)
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