When I win....

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We all love winning. Yet, it isn't always a good win. Such as, when your racing, and your the fastest kid on the football team, and you beat the slowest kid. What kind of win is that?

Most of us will let little kids beat us, for fear they cry, or they want them to feel good. That is a good loss! But I don't think that having them win every time is a good idea, for fear of what happens when they lose?

We all need to win and lose, if we all just win it will turn us into self-righteous stuck up people. When we lose, we accept the fact that we are not the best, and that's OK. When I win, I like to go around and make every person who competed with me feel better.

We also don't want sore losers or winners. If you lost fairly, what's the point in arguing? And why brag when you win since everyone knew you have won?
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