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    JFK Presidency

    Discussion in 'Debate Room' started by Poziga, Oct 9, 2016.

    Hello. :)

    It's one of those moments where for just one dialogue of the story I'm writing, I need to research a whole time period to get it right. :D

    I'm writing a general fiction story about student life, similar to This Side of Paradise by Fitzgerald. I'm currently writing a scene where they are drinking and they start talking about history. JFK and the Cuban Crisis to be more precise.

    I was watching some documentaries and realized that there is a lot of misconceptions about JFK's presidency. A lot of people consider him one of the worst presidents, because of the Cuban Crisis, Vietnam, Laos etc.
    But if I understand correctly, he and Khrushchev were provoking each other, but in the end it was them who prevented the whole-scale nuclear war, while their military staff urged them to attack their adversaries. Kennedy's Joint Chiefs especially. Maybe Kennedy took the heat because he was successor of Eisenhower's presidency and he was building nuclear bombs like a madman (from 1000 nuclear weapons to more than 22.000 nuclear weapons).

    What are your opinions about one of the most dangerous and tense months of human history?

    Thank you. :)

    P. S. I posted this thread here and not in Research, because the question has a debate nature. I want to read various views on this. :)

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