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    Current Contest Poetry Contest #282 || Theme: No More

    Discussion in 'Bi-Weekly Poetry Contest' started by theoriginalmonsterman, Jan 8, 2017.


    The theme for this poetry contest is going to be "No More"! The poetry style that this contest will require to be written in will be "Freeverse".

    Freeverse -- "Free verse is an open form of poetry. It does not use consistent meter patterns, rhyme, or any other musical pattern." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_verse

    You are allowed to interpret this theme anyway you like, but please make sure to include it in some way. Not doing so may result in your entry being disqualified.

    Entries for this contest must be submitted by 11:59pm/EST (ET) on Saturday, January 21st. By this point the entry thread should be locked, but if it's not and you submit an entry after the time stated above your poem may be deleted.

    All entries submitted will be anonymized until voting for this contest ends. Keeping everyone anonymous helps ensure a more fair contest especially when we're voting for the winner.

    This is something new we're doing. I want to create a poetry book using poems from these poetry contests we do, so if you want to have yours possibly included put two asterisks ** at the top of your poem, and I'll contact you further if you're interested. More information on this can be found here.

    Thanks to everyone who decides to participate in this contest. Hopefully I'll be able to get back into a swing of things and start getting contests out normally. I've been pretty busy with schoolwork so thanks for being so patient with me. I'll see ya guys later! :D
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    **Pity Party for One Please

    My editor called me today
    To tell me another draft
    Was Due,
    Due to the weather, However
    I was unable,
    Unable to complete it.
    For fear of mistakes and errors,
    Things like typos or the
    Evil wretched sentence structure terrors.
    No more! I scream into my phone,
    Well no… I whispered it to my wife
    In the deep dark of the night,
    But I’m sure my editor knows.
    For they know when I am sleeping
    Eating, and pooping, in that order.
    For that is when they call, asking
    Have you finished any at all?
    To which I say,
    NO MORE!
    Well… I mumble it under my breath
    They may ask what were you saying,
    To which I respond
    Nothing, why do you ask?
    No more becomes ever-more,
    Yet I eventually write.
    To my delight I tend to finish things faster
    With less time to Sleep, Eat, and Poop,
    In that order.
    So as I prepare my newest draft
    I get to make the call. I’m done!
    I’ve finished the work.
    Well now, “this novel,” the editor says,
    Fans want at least four more.
    "No more!" I type
    As a character in a novel
    Based loosely upon my frustration
    At being pressured once more.
    Though I'm sure my editor will get the hint
    Like all the hints that came before.
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    Nov 15, 2013
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    **The Truth
    Text after text after text,
    Mail after mail after mail,
    Unbearable question behind every sentence
    By the person, the woman, the being, that wont stop.
    The contents remain a nightmare, read if you wish.
    “Where have you run away? I search behind every chair, under every table, on every bed, nowhere to be found.”
    My answer, my attempt to be assertive. “No more! No more will I see you!”
    Never will I be near this psychotic being again,
    Never will it entrust its life into my hands
    Question after question after question,
    The same question appears
    “Where have you run away? I search behind every chair, under every table, on every bed, nowhere to be found.”
    My answer once more, my attempt to be assertive. “No more! No more will I see you!”
    And on the day I thought it had stopped, the day I thought the being had surrendered, I was wrong.
    For the first time in two years, the question was
    No More.
    But instead, it was a demand.
    “Tell me the truth”
    Will this day be the day I flip a page?
    Will this day be the day that I am unveiled?
    Will this day be the day one more soul cries?
    Will this day be the day the being will remember?
    “Do not worry my child, you will see your father when it is your time. The time when you rest."

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    Nov 15, 2013
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    ** The Killer of Flies

    This night so dark and gloomy

    The corpses of flies I count.

    With a rotten wooden broom

    I sweep out the room.

    But I get a weird feeling

    A fly I see by the ceiling.

    With my blue net ax in the right hand

    I already have a plan

    But the fat fly

    Laughs obsessively to herself.

    It spins around my head,

    Then it lands on my bed.

    As if not enough of those flies

    Too much bold and intrusive.

    I swing my ax rapidly

    Still she rushes to escape

    But she makes a big mistake

    That in a wrong place she stops darting.

    Pressing hard with a left hand

    I take a garbage bag full of cadaver

    And fly, the one that I try to catch

    Thinks of playing a fool.

    It lands on the edge of the bag,

    And slowly crawls inside,

    While she's unable to see

    I crush her in my fist easily.

    Twenty-two dead bodies of flies,

    That could not be,

    But I cannot stand the larvae,

    And their irritation leads them to rot.

    I turn off the light; settle down in my bed

    I desire to sleep, but I get a bad feeling again.

    Another fly buzzes by the ceiling.

    NO MORE!

    I turn on the light, and I take a swing:

    I must to kill this evil thing!

    My irritated imagination

    Screams in my head a thousand times: "NO MORE!"

    There are no longer flies in the room

    Yet they haunt me still.

    Twenty-two corpses laugh:

    "Remain tonight without sleep!"
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    Nov 15, 2013
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    No More

    No more, “She seems fine to me.”

    Because my mama only feels fine in long sleeved shirts.
    She still has scars on her wrists and cigarette burns on her arms;
    the ghosts of bruises on her chest and legs.
    She confessed that when I was a toddler,
    with my younger brothers and sisters around her,
    she tried to escape this life with cold medicine.
    Left letters for our future selves asking for our forgiveness.

    No more, “He comes from a good family.”

    Because while my grandparents may have been millionaires,
    they kept his addictions hidden from their friends.
    Reputations among their neighbors were more important
    than the lives of their daughter-in-law and grandchildren.
    They would rather sweep us under he rung,
    than let their Rotary club know about the child services meetings.
    Knit blankets for unfortunate children in Africa.

    No more, “Why doesn’t she just leave?”

    Because my mama has been observed too many times!
    Admitted into the hospital because she was a suicide risk.
    My siblings and I, we were her ball and chains.
    I remember,
    In the middle of the night she grabbed me and my brother,
    tried to smuggle us away while gripping a knife blade.
    Blood trickling down her arm we cried,
    “Mama, you’re bleeding!”
    She just said, “I'm Okay. We're going to grandma's house”

    No more, “She was asking for it.”

    Because she didn’t make him choke her.
    She didn’t make him break her ribs.
    She didn’t make him rape her.
    She didn’t make him push her out of a moving car,
    or make him add meth to her tea.
    She could never make him do anything.
    She couldn't even make breakfast right.

    No more, “Boys will be boys.”

    Because I haven’t seen my sister in 10 years.
    When we were little and called her names,
    or made fun of her clothes,
    They could have tried to stop it.
    My brothers moved through girlfriend after girlfriend
    and they cry when they see his reflection in the mirror.
    My sister devalued herself and sold her body,
    went to prison,
    now she takes care of my one year old niece.

    No more, “Its just a women’s issue.”

    Because this issue doesn’t discriminate the sexes.
    It sits next to you in school,
    was interviewed for a job,
    and wonders why they always fail.

    No more, “We don’t talk about that.”

    Because I am tired to seeing people on the news act surprised
    when they see that their neighbor wasn’t who they thought they were.

    No more, “Why didn’t he tell anyone?”

    Because there never was a hetero-normative society to hide this under.
    No great curtain to be lifted,
    revealing that its not just girls but boys too.

    No more, “But he’s such a nice guy”

    No more, “Not in this family.”

    No more, “Well, what was she wearing?”

    No more, “He warned her.”

    Just, no more.
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