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Blog entries by 31152104

  1. A computer changes everything. For almost a year now, none I had. Malpractice, tech breaks down. Now I am jacked once more. Writing while listening to music on headphones. Pen and paper is dead when compared to such interfunction. Or is it? A writer dipping his pen in ink(more time to think if ink not ever flows) listening to Wagner on the gramophone. Socrates formulating his thoughts while...
  2. Subject's verbal communications recorded on a systematic basis. Subject enclosed in ovoid dome constructed of bone and covered by a fleshy membrane. No direct interaction with subject is permitted. All utterances made by subject to be recorded verbatrim. Log #1 9/10/19 It is with a determination long lost, now refound, that I start my rants, oh world! To diarize, a quaint practice. To...
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