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  1. Sometimes the world just goes dark.
    It's lonely and scary.
    All I can hear is the air escaping from my lips.
    And I wonder why?
    Why if everything is dead and gone around me,
    Why then am I still breathing?
    It is cruel.
    The numbest engulfs my everything and all i want is to stop the breaths from escaping.
    Stop breathing, stop the thump thump in my chest. Just make myself disappear as I feel I am already.
    I am gone but stuck in a cold dark room just breathing. My lame attempts at leaving have actually shown my why I should want to breath.
    But when the world turns cold and dark, I just want it all the stop.
    Finally leave this room.
    Finally leave this life.

    The pain from breathing hurts too much.
    I am not loved for I cannot feel the warmth of love. I am just numb.​