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  1. front.
  2. I intimate my classmates were abused by Catholic priests and the response from one very empathetic individual is:

    So obvious now that someone points it out to me. How could I possibly have missed it all this time!?

  3. Freedom is slavery.
    Ignorance is strength.

    Military operation is not war.

    No siree.

    Not war at all. Heck congress passed that CinC directive without declaring war so it must not be war. Yes. That's it. Let's see where's my dictionary...

    war: noun; a state of armed conflict between different countries or different groups within a country
    military operation: noun; the coordinated military actions of a state in response to a developing situation.

    almost sounds like a fucking tea party compared to war.

  4. Although perhaps we all feel that way from time to time.

    Our national sport would arguably be AFL - Australian Football League football. There's a quick little FB article from someone in my friend list liking it.

    It's a complaint, that fans of a particular team dared leave the game early due to a losing position, when one of the team's players was reaching a milestone (300 games).


    The comments are indicative of the following snippet:


    I've never been interested in football. I ride a bicycle, race, and watch cycle racing when it's on TV. But the vistas from the helicopter captivate my attention as much as any racing action, if I am honest.

    So I look at this football story and am completely stumped. It's a game. An activity where the goal is to kick a bladder filled piece of pig skin or synthetic material between two upright posts. One of the people playing is doing so for their 300th game. Spectators have paid money to watch this spectacle. For some reason, they affiliate themselves with one team over all the others, and are probably members, where they have paid even more money to said team to be recognised as such.

    Randoms. Not directly connected to nor known by the player in any way. The player is being paid a salary for playing the game that would be 2-10 x more than any of the commenters upset at the early leavers. The majority of the comments are disparaging to the early leavers.

    I don't understand the reaction.

    What's possibly worse is I probably don't want to understand.
  5. It's cold here. Tomorrow morning it's forecast to be 3C. A short FB status to this effect triggered the following meme. I stole the image from the Interwebs. Should I start a thread?

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