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  1. Info dump for the RPG Tebryn Arbandi. Things which are common knowledge in the RPG realm are highlighted in purple.

    The Metaverse

    Realms are, in a word, universes. There are infinite realms, and they are known collectively as "The Metaverse." No two realms are exactly alike, as they all vary in some way, shape, or form, possibly even in ways which you can not understand.


    Hell's origins are a mystery. Some say it was bound to happen in an infinite metaverse (which is the most widely accepted theory), others say that it is an experiment from another realm gone horribly awry, and others say that it is the work of an infinite entity which controls the entire metaverse. Whatever its origins, Hell is best comparable to a disease among the realms. It bends reality, corrupts realms, causing them to become exact replicas. Though Hell, in itself, can not expand. It requires other entities to expand it. In this RPG's realm, Hell has invaded and conquered the Underworld (which I'll get to later) and uses its plane (a plane basically being a realm within a realm) as a staging ground to attack the other planes. HELL IS BAD. HELL BRINGS DEATH AND DESTRUCTION. HELL MUST BE GONE. When Hell took over the Underworld, it took over the plane too quickly for the gods to change some of the laws governing the planes. One of the laws which remained intact (and remains intact today) is that any soul which has been evil in life is taken down to the Underworld (which is now Hell's domain)


    Demons are the caretakers, protectors, and expanders of Hell, acting out its whims. When an entity from any realm enters Hell, it is immediately corrupted and manifested a body suitable for whatever Hell needs at the moment. In the RPG's realm, a soul which has been corrupted by Hell losses all traces of humanity, which is replaced by the collective consciousness of hell, which is best comparable to a hivemind.

    The Four Planes

    There are four planes of existence in this RPG's realm, and they are as follows:


    Heaven is the home of the gods, the angels, and the souls of those who have led lives of good. Heaven is a paradise, where there is no sickness or death, pain or hatred, hunger or thirst.

    The Purgatory

    The Purgatory is
    a largely empty plane where those who have done too much evil to go to Heaven and too much good to go to the Underworld go, and where some of those who's punishment in the Underworld has been dealt go for a second chance.

    The Underworld

    The Underworld is where the souls of those who have been evil in life go to receive punishment. It is a plane on constant torment and pain.

    The Mortal Plane

    The mortal plane is where souls live their life, and are created. This is where the RPG will take place.

    The Gods

    There are three "courts" of gods; the High Court, which consists of the three creators of the realm and has never interfered with their creation in any recognizable way since its creation, the Middle Court, which consists of 9 very powerful gods which control big changes in the happenings of the realm, like natural disasters, and the Low Court which contains 24 gods which are, in comparison to the higher gods, are relatively weak, but very active in the world, controlling the daily happenings of the realm.


    A soul, no matter where it is, what it has done, or what form it has taken, may pledge itself into servitude of the gods. The souls which have pledged themselves into service of the gods (or a god) are called angels, and this position is the highest place in the heavenly court a mortal soul can achieve. They are given rewards which rival that of the gods themselves, but rarely have the chance to enjoy these rewards. When a soul has pledged itself to the gods but has not yet left its mortal body then they are called a "priest." An angel which has gone through Hell but has somehow retained its free will or a soul which has committed enough evil to go to the Underworld had it not pledged to the gods is called a "risen angel". These are identified by their characteristic black wings. If they pledged to the gods and were going to go to the Underworld, then they are marked by their sins and they must work off their sins to receive the full rewards of an angel (including their wings). As they perform the god's will, their marks will fade away and they will transform into the perfect body of an angel. When all of their marks are gone, they are given their wings and named true angels.

    World Map:

    World Map with political bounderies (yellow is the Scorpion-Clan (They are nomadic and tribal, so they don't really have boarders.) The various colors to the north are the various dwarven nations. The darker blue to the south is the humans, the lighter blue is the elves, and the purple is the Arcanium.)


    Also, a note on the human goverment, the humans are not a single, seemless nation. They are several nations, each with their own king, which were united by the High King a about a decade ago.

    I'll edit in more later.

    If you have any questions, comments, etc, please state so in a blog comment, or PM me.