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  1. Describing where I am in the title, knowing that it is past the midnight hour, I write to you. Unknown to me, you read. I invite your eyes to viewing, but please leave no negativity spewing. This for me is fun and real, for some it may seem surreal. Do not let a package fool you, for every being is a beast at it's core. I recognize it and use it to feed my fun and real admiration for the art that is writing. Please follow my progress, dealing words with wrists typing honest responses.

    Here's a little ditty by me for you:

    Who's They?

    They say I have a childlike wonder,
    an exaggerated imagination
    when I watch wind crack to thunder
    and rain clouds drain upon creation.
    They say too busy a mind
    does not make for a busy body
    when I question sanity and time
    while leading leaders who's only oddity
    is calling me friend.

    They are who tell a small boy
    physicists like Capra are wrong,
    To hear and understand the joy
    and delight of our own life's song
    is a curse, a crime, a sin
    to touch, talk, tempt another
    who looks, walks, and talks
    different from he or his mother
    is an enemy.

    Ask the blind what they see
    Tell them they're crazy
    For knowing a persons presence leave
    by the vibrations reverberating in their feet.
    Have you not imagined someone
    because of their scent on a sheet?
    Do we not see a mirage
    when starved near defeat?
    Do you see where the alliance should be
    when we are taught illogical exceptions
    like the handy, I before E except after C
    Creators of language couldn't fashion
    these three letters to fit one simple rule?
    Confusing kin with words like "Weird"
    Not taught why, in fact we are completely fooled
    when education does not educate, one should fear.

    I will wonder away,
    In the hopes that they,
    will compile a list and say,
    I'm sorry for the way,
    I misjudged and misdirected
    a creative mind at play.