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  1. I go to this site more for the writing prompts, but from what I see there is no fresh prompts. I come here for inspiration and I am finding it very difficult. I feel that this site needs more creativeness and less "chit chat" and "debates" because those two things are all I am seeing.

    Feeling disappointed...
  2. I want to get back into my habit of writing. Maybe being forced to write or having an idea could give me the opportunity to start back. I am thinking about finding good writing prompts to go by to find my inspiration. Will this help? I sure hope so.
  3. I'm wanting to start writing again.

    It's a habit...feeling the need to have my fingers dance across the keyboard because it feels feels right. Even if I'm just posting statuses on FaceBook or replying to forum threads...writing blogs. Even if it's not (technically) a story in which I am eager to be writing. My issue is...I don't even know the story to write one. Where is my motivation? My inspiration? Something I've been searching for for months now, and I have yet to find. My inspiration is the back of my head, but my motivation is something that has been failing me for quite some time now. I've been thinking about writing a little fanfic just to get the juices going, but something about using characters that's already been created by someone else has always felt like "copying" someone's work (in my opinion).

    I don't know...

    *thinks* return.
  4. These constant rainy days have been fooling around with my writing process. I've been holding off on painting as well, and I'm just disgusted. (that and being stressed at school and chores at home, and building houses on sims)

    I believe I should make a daily scheduale for myself. I should by a daily planner and keep everything in that.

    Yeah...that's what I'll do. I'll get a planner and I might feel more confident and organized. XD
  5. I've realized something quite intriguing as a writer. For as long as I have written stories, I find myself feeling a bit "multiple" when creating characters.

    For example: I created a character for a story I was writing (though I put it on hold for now) and well, my friends and I later turned it into an RPG. Well, after the RPG was officially started, I began to fell like I was my character (Moon). Everything I did was just like her. I acted like her, dressed like her (well, actually, her clothing inspiration came from how I dress) and my friends even picked up on it. They were telling me, "Stop being emo Moon." Sometimes they even called me Moon. Though I had not realized I had developed her habits. Besides, she was only a character.

    Now, I'm wanting to know, does being a writer/author trigger or start some sorts of multiple personalities?