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  1. I have a dream....and no im not tryin to be martin luther.....i have a dream of happiness set in my my graps yet seemingly so far away.....but still i stay to my way of can be healthy of negative used to cope in this massive internal sometimes feels as if we might lose ourselves in an instant.....but we lose ourself we we decided fight.....fight the hate and end the cruel suffering....together we can achieve greatness and manifastations of great visions and content applications involving life......existence is a trip.....a mind blowing path of intangible matter.....brought about by what we create for our own selves....thoughts and actions are seperate entities and if used correctly can be crucial to your success and healthy demeanor.....hold on is a hell of a ride.....with seemingly no end ever to the ongoing madness and suffering seen daily......allow nothing to shield you from the loving light that shall and will protect you if you bathe and bask in it.....remove blinders on your perseption and really see what feast has laid before your hunger of intention all along.....follow your heart....harbor no resentment or understanding and most of all have a dream....a passion....a way for you to get out of none other then yourself.....setting youself up for lavish riches in life which do not have a pricetag.....and can never be passed through osmosis or bought....i typed this straight through so sorry for the typos and periods....