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  1. I've decided that I want to get fitter and more toned for several reasons. One is so that I can get more tattoos! ;D I want to get one on my arm and possibly build up a sleeve over time, thus I need a little muscle to carry it off. For anyone that is wondering what I want now: The words "Forever Young" in a band around my upper arm. I might adapt it to include a picture but I'm not too sure yet. I'm not going to get it in the near future so I still have time to plan it out. ^^

    Mum wants to loose weight, so I said I'd go with her to the gym and ended up quite enjoying it. We went for an induction, to get to know the area we'd be using and learn how to get the machines working. We got a personal trainer to show us around and stuff. Oh, my sister managed to tag along too. xD So she's also a member of the gym now.

    First we were shown the 'X-trainer'. The machine where you stand on the pedals and hold the handles. As you push the pedals round the handles move back and forth. This one would be good for mum as it's quite smooth and she has a bad knee. It was quite easy and I had a go on it. I even upped the level a bit to show mum how it's really done. ;P

    We moved on the the 'Stepper'. This one wasn't so fun, or as easy as it sounds. You put your feet on these pads that are string loaded and you sink them down to ground(ish) level. Once the thing is programmed you have to step up and down and try to keep the pads from touching the floor or reaching the top. I'm not used to standing up straight but it makes it a lot easier if you do. xD

    We also tried out the treadmill and the exercise bikes. There were two kinds of bike. The one you usually see in people's houses if they have one, and one that is more reclined. The later is good for cooling down after a work out.

    After we were taught about what machine did what, we got a chance to try them all out again on our own. In about a week, the trainer said he'd show us some more machines we could use. It's probably a good idea that we get introduced to them all at a slow pace or we wouldn't remember everything. Don't want to be whizzing off the back of something!

    I want to try out the rowing machine! =D This will be a good chance to use my weights at home too. they are just collecting dust at the moment. When I learn a good routine I can do it at home.

    I thought I would be nervous exercising in front of other people but it wasn't that bad. If anything, I was a little jealous about how fit they all were. It made me feel out of shape! I was warned not to get too carried away though. The last thing I want is to injure myself in front of all those people! How embarrassing would that be?

    Overall, a good little romp in the leisure centre.