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  1. I'm writing a novel called Bo And Luke, or that's what is WAS called. I decided that, even though the book had nothing with the Bo and Luke from The Dukes of Hazard, I don't want my characters (and book) associated with a TV show (racist or not). I also realized that I write much more often about Bo than Luke so I feel like the best thing to do is keep everything the same except make the book centering Bo and change Bo's name to Tony. So, now the book is: The Trouble With Tony.
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  2. Suicide
    "A man who faked death but soon found his death to be quite true."

    Don't die, Ramone... Cozak thought. Please don't die now... Cozak and Ramone had grown up together in Paris as best friends. Now, Ramone was deathly sick and would surely die if they did not keep him awake until Dr. Paulette received the correct medicines for Ramone. Short sightedly, Cozak convinced himself that a gun shot would keep Ramone awake. Cozak took out the blank gun he had used earlier to start the dog races. He shot himself in the head with the gun. He acted like he had suicided and fell to the floor. Then, John, who had entered his dog, Jack, in the races earlier, realized that Cozak was not bleeding. He had faked suicide! All of Cozak's friends and family who had come to see their dear friend Ramone on his death bed suddenly started to turn on Cozak. They cursed him and said he only did it to take attention away from Ramone, who was luckily kept awake long enough for Dr. Paulette to return with the medicine. They all chased Cozak to the docks. They hurled insult after insult at Cozak. "I loved you, Cozak..." Colette, Cozak's wife, whispered to him. Cozak took out a real gun and shot himself.

    Cozak Cramont 1840-1895

    "A man who faked death but soon found his death to be quite true."
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  3. Here's another diary entry from everyone's favorite pug: Ethel!

    2 A Walk Down Memory Lane

    When I wake up every morning Jenna takes me out for my walk with Buddy. Snap does not take walks. I do not know why. How can he do his business? Anyway, on my first walk I met a few friends around the neighborhood. My friends are:

    Martha-a black and white spotted pug (female)-

    Buttercup-a golden tiny pug who isn’t a baby but sure looks like one (female)-

    Jamsies-a golden retriever (male)-

    Poochy-a mutt that has very long white hair (male)-

    Duke Ellington-an old pug who is very wise and a very good friend of mine and Buddy’s (male)-

    Biscuit-a baby chocolate lab (male)-

    Trixie-a big saint bernard (female)-

    Dori, Nori, and Rori-three triplet french bulldogs (female, female, and male)-

    There were a lot of humans, too. But, I won’t list all of them.

    “So, Buddy, I told her ‘You’ll take this pretty pink collar over my dead body!’” I told Buddy. “But, Ethel. You’re not dead, how can she take it over your dead body if you aren’t dead?” Buddy asked me. “What are you two yapping about?” Jenna asked, smiling. Unfortunately, humans such as Jenna are not yet smart enough to talk our intense language. Oh, shut up! I told her. You’re so nosy! I’m just sharing a bit of gossip. “Oh, Buddy. Are you really that dumb?” I asked him. But, before he could answer, an old pug came outside and said, “Hey, youngens!” we turned our heads. It was Duke Ellington. “Hello, Duke Ellington!” I said, bowing respectfully. “Hi, Duke!” Buddy said, bouncing up and down. “You know, back in my day, dogs roamed FREE! No leashes! We would always come back at night, though.” Duke told us, cheerfully. “Hello, Dukey! Why aren’t you on a leash?” Jenna asked him. “I don’t need a leash, youngen!” Duke yelled at her, angrily. “You know she can’t understand you, right?” I asked him. “Of course I do, youngen.” Duke replied. We tipped our heads and said good bye. Then, we walked home. When we got home Snap greeted us looking worried.

    “Heads up, guys! Steve said he’s taking us to the vet!” Snap told us. “Wh-what?! The vet?!” I screamed. “I like the vet! They give me treats! Nom nom!” Buddy said, making eating noises. “Buddy, the vet is dangerous!” Snap snapped at him. “Why?” Buddy asked Snap. “I once knew a pug who planned on having puppies soon but she went to the vet and couldn’t conceive puppies!” Snap warned us. “Oh no!” I said quietly. “No! That’s horrible! I don’t wanna goooo! Please Snap! Help us!” Buddy wailed. “I don’t know if I can.” Snap said, sadly.

    Later, when Jenna and Steve put us outside in the fenced in area we decided we had to run away. With his keen sense of smell, Buddy picked up an opening in the fence and we ran out. As we passed Duke Ellington’s house he came out to greet us. “Duke! Hurry! The vet is coming and we all need to get out of here!” Buddy told Duke. “THE VET?!” he screamed. “Dang tootin, I’m coming with you!” Now we had a gang of Snap, Buddy, Duke, and me. We ran and ran and ran. We hiked in and out of stores and then a car stopped and a man got out and took us home. “Are these your pets, ma’am?” the man asked Jenna when we got home. “Yes! Yes! That’s them!” Jenna screamed, happily. I’m happy she missed us but we still had to go to the vet.

    When we got to the vet a doctor came out and clipped my nails, picked out my ear wax, and looked at my eyes. Then, he gave me a treat and I went outside the room and waited with some other pugs while Snap, Duke, and Buddy got their treats and “check-ups.” I do not know why it is called a check-up. They check you but there’s no “up.” It should be called a “check-over” because they check you all over. Snap’s story was just a cat tail. He was WRONG. The thing I don’t understand is that Duke Ellington never went home. Instead, he came to live with us. I have no problem with that, though. He is very kind and wise and can share a lot of good tips with us and he might even understand that “over my dead body” is just an expression, or maybe thats just wishful thinking.
  4. “As I watch my own death take flight I wait for the miracle that is always in the fairytales I read as a child.”-Xander (Future of Depression)

    Xander is a 20-year-old brown-haired boy who's a little sadistic. He lives in America in 2198. There's lots of smoke and, as he describes it, "smoke has consumed everyone he ever knew or loved." His mother died of lung cancer when he was a child and his father now has it. He suspects it in himself, too. He wants to change it. Turn this horrible fate of America around. He meets Mimi, a 24-year-old woman from Paris and her little sister, Nagisa, who's 14-years-old. Together the three of them try to change America. Instead of everywhere being the same, other places (Paris, for instance) are better. And other places are worse (like Tokyo). Now, I know this sounds very anti-America (and Tokyo) but I'm not against these places, I just feel like this might be what America (and Tokyo) are like in the future. I can't decide wether they'll go back in time or try to change America in 2198. Anyway, everything is going perfect until a girl comes. She seems to know so much about Xander and Mimi but they never have met her. She's mysterious and doesn't tell them much, not even her name. They decide to call her Myst (short for Mystery). I know it's weird that I named both Mimi and her little sister Japanese names but I just felt like these names fit them best. I might change Nagisa's name, actually. My current name for this story is Future of Depression.
  5. Today I thought maybe I could share a short story with the community. The book I am currently working on finishing is about two boys name Bo and Luke. They are brothers. They live in a town called Harmony Town on an island called Pancake Island. I will now attempt to write a short story that describes:
    (1) The place where they live.
    and (2) They're personalities.
    while trying to tell a funny story. Enjoy.

    Ghost And Gusts

    "L-Luke..." Bo's voice shook in the darkness. "Yeah?" Luke asked, not sounding scared at all. The two boys were in their room in their tiny little cottage on the edge of Harmony Town. It was 24:30 at night and you couldn't see a thing. "I th-thought I s-saw something..." Bo told Luke. "Little bro, ya can't see a thing. It's too dark." Luke replied. "Are you sure you d-d-didn't see a...a..." Bo asked. "A what?!" Luke snapped at Bo. "A ghost!" Bo told him. Luke laughed. "Ridiculous, Bo. You're ridiculous. A ghost? Seriously?!" Luke laughed. "No! I'm not joking! I swear I saw something!" Bo told Luke. "Go back to bed. There's nothin' there." Luke snapped. The next day, at 20:27, the boys walked home from the dock. They had been there saying good bye to their friend Toby, who was going to Maine. Toby is just in between Bo and Luke's ages. He's 17 years old. Luke 18, Bo is 16. They walked home, tripping on the uneven bricks from the nearby house being built. Despite the street lamps, the streets were dark. "Luke..." Bo quivered. "Don't tell me, ya saw anotha' ghost. Right?" Luke laughed. "H-hey, what if I d-did see a g-ghost?" Bo asked Luke, angrily. "Wait, wait. Don't tell me ya actually believe in ghosts, Bo." Luke replied. Stupid little kid. Luke thought. I can't believe he actually believes in ghosts. "I...well...I guess." Bo squeaked. A cold breeze blew Bo's faded blonde hair. Luke looked at Bo for a second and then burst out laughing. "You stupid little kid! I shoulda' known you actually believe in ghosts." Luke laughed. Suddenly, goosebumps ran down Luke's back. "There's a g-g-g-g...." Luke stuttered. "What is it, Luke?" Bo asked. Luke picked Bo up and raced home. "GHOST!"

    The next day...
    "Ghosts, eh?" Ozzie said. Ozzie is the town fisherman. He's a creepy old sailor. "Well, I'd advise you to stay inside." Bo gulped. "Stay inside forever? How c-can we do that?" Bo asked, shivering. "Well, not forever. The ghost probably wants something. You have to wait till it gets what it wants. Then again, you could be what it wants." Ozzie said, stroking his chin. "U-us?!" Luke asked in disbelief. "Yup." Ozzie scoffed. "Well, okay." The boys walked home. "Stupid sailor. He doesn't know anything." Luke told Bo, with a scared smile. "I dunno...he's been alive for, like, a hundred years!" Bo replied, wide-eyed. "We should talk to Dad. He's know stuff. He's, like, 50 or somethin'." Luke thought aloud. So, they went home and asked Dad about ghosts. "Ghosts? Bah hahahaha!" Dad laughed. "They don't exist." His voice sounded like gravel. "But, I saw one the other night!" Bo blurted out. "Haha. Bo. You're so cute! I was putting up these ghost decorations the other night for Halloween. I bet that's what you saw!" Dad told Bo, ruffling his hair. "In our room?" Bo asked. "Yup. And every else. I joined the decoration commity for Harmony Town. It's my job to put up decorations everywhere. I thought you boys were sleeping but I guess I was wrong." Dad told them, sheepishly. "So, yesterday you were putting them up near those street lamps?" Luke asked Dad. "What? No. We aren't alloyed to put decorations near the lights. Apparently, the lights need to shine for people to be able to see while their driving." Dale replied. "Wait...what?! Then what'd I see?!" Luke asked.