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  1. I've been writing fan-fictions more often, but rather in a very slow progression thanks to school. Hopefully when school's over in a couple of months, I'll be back to writing not only my fan-fiction, but my story that I still have stuck in my flash drive, doing nothing.
  2. Tomorrow is going to be August 1st. Officially August 1st... Ah, a new, fresh day on a new month. Anyhow, here's a list of news for that day since I'm going to be very busy:

    1. Moving to a new house.
    Of course, we can't forget about my moving-to-a-new-house business. I'm going to have to help my parents out with tossing everything into the uHaul truck and unloading in the new house. I actually never seen the inside, so it better be at least neat looking!

    2. Brace myself!
    Ever since I quitted band (oh wait. Did I say that earlier? No? Oh well. There's your "Suprising News" of the day. I have reasons to quit, even though I'm a musician. However, I don't plan to quit music at home and in my community!), I have to brace myself for my band director and drum major spamming with phone calls, text messages, etc. They really want me back and not quitting, huh?

    3. School's close!
    Since it's the fresh month of August, it's also one of those dreaded months that every single students (and quite possibly, teachers and adminstrators) hate... School. My school starts on August 22nd and I have yet to finish my summer assignments. I'm close to finishing it, so I gotta do one last push with my English assignment and clean up my AP World History assignment. Gotta be prepared for school also!

    4. Continue writing my story.
    I'm now sticking with this one story and plan on revising it over and over until it's done. That's probably a good sign since I've been stopping stories short and writing another genre/story a lot before. :-D
  3. I'm moving to a new house on August 1st, in which I'm both excited and nervous about. ^^; I've only seen the house on the outside, but my parents saw how the inside looks like, so I guess I can trust them with that.

    Anyhow, while we're on that, I'm quitting my school's band and plan on doing other clubs that I can now have time to dedicate to like HOSA, Chess Club, Writing Club, etc. :-D
  4. I'm trying to plan out routes for my paranormal story, but I've got writer blocks! D:

    I guess I'll just go and watch an episode of Steins;Gate to see if that'll clear my mind... *mumbles mumbles*
  5. Well... Not sure if it's already considered the first day I've joined in this forum, but it's now my second day in my region. So anyhow... I'm excited and ready to get right down to business with my writing techniques since I was in hiatus for quite some time... This year is when I came back to writing stories and poems, so... Yeah.

    On the other hand, my life is doing kind of okay, I suppose. I don't have marching band practice for a while and I'm going over to California to both vacation and do the NSLC program.... I should've picked Washington D.C. instead cause it's closer and less expensive with the airplane tickets. TT; Moving right along, our marching band theme last year was "Silence is Golden," but this year is "Bach for the New Millenium." Sounds interesting enough already. ^^