In this whimsical yet organized blog, one perhaps will find an assortment of post that depicts from an array of topic. They may even find where I post stories(from long to the short) updates. Meaning that, I will post the whole works of any project that I am working here. That way, It won't be bothersome for those to read. So reviewers and the like come forth and explore the world I has form.
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  1. It has been a while since I have posted on this blog. School work has been the bian of my existance and I can't wait to remove it from my life, for good. However, I did manage to form a web site. On the site my works are posted. Stop by and see what poems I have written. Oh, I am reading King's new novel, and I have been having a hard time reading it. Perhaps, I need to have free time, so I can read it. Well, that's it for now.
  2. Before I spell my believes, let me first say this: I don't tend to be dogmatic or force my my believes on any who reads this. Secondly,I want to share what I believe to the missives, hoping that they will be inspired to the same. Lastly, this is an important step for as a writer to know my believes so I can portray them in my writing. Now, having said that, I will share what I believe.

    I grew up in a Christian environment and taught the meaning of the bible from a young age. Thus, I have come to understand that Christ provides hope to those who are still hurting. Along with that, He provides miracles in the light of mundane...if anyone does not believe me, all the have to is ask me for my life story and then will be come to their errs.

    Along with this, He also forgives those who fall short of him. That is why he sacrifice his life to us. To forgive us, permanently, for the sin that we have and will commit to. The only exception is those who commit unforgivable sins. (i.e. sins of the spirit).

    Also, I believe in God's word and that he will never shun away from us, no matter what we believe. Me personally, I am christian who believes that. With that, I believe that he also is everywhere. One just have to look closely and listen closely to hear and see him.

    A final believe that I have is one has to have faith. Hebrews teaches us that one must have faith in a bleak word. And, I am strong faith in my believes as a christian.

    So, when I write, I have the darkest and bleakest setting but in the mist one of the character will believe in this, and that is one that will truly win--even if he dies. Also, I won't create falsification about anything that is in scripture.

    Also, I will take a stance if anyone dares to strike controversy with him.
  3. As I write my first horror novel for NaNoWriMo, I had the mishap of finding road blocks. Sometimes they are small and easy to avoid and other times they are not so easy to avoid. For instance, i ran into a scene where I wanted to my main character give a powerful speech to the residents of Jasper Mills (the setting where my novel takes place) and, I could not invent his speech. So, I set it aside and slept on it. Then, in the morning, I thought three choices to solve this problem. One was to scarp the book and start over with on a later date. I didn't choose that. The second choice was to re-write the scene and keep the speech. I didn't choose that either. The last option was, and the one that i did choose, to keep the scene and wait for the right moment for my character.
    When i did that, I choice I came up with a scene that fits what I wanted to do all long. . That the first problem of writing horror.

    Another challenge of writing horror is precisely that creating the elements that will scare the reader. I think I have that down pat, sort of speak. However, ensuring that there is suspense is a feat that I am slowly overcoming here.

    My question to all of you is two fold, and is not genre specific. One, how do you overcome "road blocks" and two how do you handle suspense?
  4. With every day, the annal month of novel writing comes. I let all of you in what I doing, well sort of. My project is related to redemption but, it is not what you think it is. It is the complete opposite of those typical stories will characters are saved. No, mine takes the polar opposite of that. Thus, my characters rejected it and well...let's say what they did instead will frighten anyone who reads it.
    -> so what are thee doing for novel writing month?
  5. Attached is my first short work.