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  1. I haven't been dreaming a lot lately, mostly because I haven't been sleeping well. However, I do remember a few of my dreams over the years, one of which was very scary at the time, and which I may use as a scene somewhere.

    The dream began with me in some sort of forest-type-thing. Eventually, I came to a huge, grey castle, where the door was open. I entered bravely, because this was a dream, of course. The roof was low, a bit unexpected, and supported by a huge amount of pillars. The room faded to gloom on either side of me, and as I walked further into the room, the door slammed shut behind me of its own accord, leaving me in complete darkness. As I stood paralyzed, a red glow began to suffuse the room. It came from the floor, issuing from spiderweb cracks in the stone. As I began to back away, the ground lurched, and the earth split to reveal a gaping fiery trench, from which screams and wails issued. I scrambled to get away, but everytime I tried, the ground would buck underneath my feet, as though trying to throw me into the horrible pit that moaned for me. As I looked around in fear, I noticed skeletons hanging from the pillars, their terrible grins illuminated from beneath by the chasm. I desperately scrabbled at the stone, acheiving nothing more than tearing my fingernails. I knew I could not escape the fires of the crevice. Even as I thought this, the ground opened beneath me and I fell into the red depths, screaming.

    And then I woke up. It was a bit simpler when I dreamed it, but this is what I saw. Scared me pretty bad then. I remember it even now.