I'm Lynx. I'll probably post some stuff that I write here or ideas that I have to see what others think

I'm 21 and I've been writing since I was 12. I'll admit a lot of it was crappy. You know stupid kid stuff. But I'm working on improving my writing.

I hope to if not get published one day then at least write a story that I'm happy with and I enjoy. I'm not writing to please others so much as to just have fun and write the ideas for stories that I come up with.

I welcome constructive criticism and will try my best to give the same.
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  1. So the world that I'm writing in is much like our modern world. The only difference (or some may say this is isn't a difference at all depending on what they believe) is that there are non humans and magic. There is also a kind of parallel world that split off from it many hundreds of years ago that serves as the domain of the non humans. The non humans, however, do control a good portion of the human world through secret channels.

    The stories I'm writing about are set in a time when the non humans are tired of hiding. A group had risen among them that is trying to take the human world by force and make humans deal with the fact that their world is so much more than what they think it is.

    The majority of humans live without knowing about the non humans because of two reasons. Most non humans don't want to let anyone human know what they are. Less trouble for them. This is why they caused the schism between their world and the human world so long ago. The other reason is that a group of humans called "The Watch" (probably need a better name) has taken it as their responsibility to keep other humans out of the loop.

    There are three main groups in this world that deal with non humans.

    The Watch. They regulate non humans to an extent. When one shows up on their radar they detain them and make sure other humans don't see what they are. They're not necessarily a good group. Some of the leaders are corrupt. And they can't be everywhere they need to be. They're only humans.

    Eventide. The group of nonhumans that want to take over the human world. Their goal is to merge the two worlds once more. They will do it at the cost of human lives and lives of non humans that stand between them and their goal.

    Dark Phase. A sort of underground railroad for non humans. They're afraid of what will happen if non humans are discovered by the majority of the human civilization. Scared humans, they think, are sometimes more dangerous than non humans.

    These are kind of the bare bones ideas I'm working with at the moment. Any comments or questions are welcome. I'm always looking for ways to improve what I have.

    Soon I'll put up some of the more important characters.