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  1. It's pouring with rain outside but I really don't care.

    It's Sunday morning, I have a full cup of coffee on the table and I have been finding my way around this site and trying to get comfortable with the myriad choices at my disposal.

    Later I will continue to read a book I am half way through (The Savage Detectives by Bolano) and maybe listen to a little music.

    Sunday morning heaven!
  2. 'It's not easy being green' a wise old singer once proclaimed and I know where he's coming from.
    I am a published writer of short stories and poems but a total novice at writing novels and I am struggling like crazy.
    I know how to capture brief moments of time like poets do but the immensity of scope a novel entails is driving me mad.
    Shaping such massive concepts in my head just isn't working and so I think I will just start and keep on going and see where it takes me. I am just not a structured person but I will prevail!!