My body, at only 35 years of age, is already betraying me, leaving me in constant pain on a daily basis. I think back to the start of it all and still I can not find a reason for this maddness. My body produces kidney stones at an alarming rate, the largest of which is 1.4 cm or 14 mm. For those of you who work on cars equipped with metric bolts, you know how large 14 mm is. I am currently on constant levels of narcotic pain killers to try to keep from hurting, but even those don't want to work a lot of times. I have seen pain management physicians and they tried me on a TENS unit which didn't work. ER doctors think this is skeletal-muscular pain, hense the TENS unit, and my dimwit urologist says it is all in my head. My daughter and fiancee are worried sick every day and still, wit

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