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  1. Well, I'm about halfway through week three of my plan, and things are going pretty well.

    Weeks two and three have been dedicated to researching, planning, and sketching characters and settings for the novel.

    And daaaayyyuuuuummm I've got a lot to say about those characters. Never knew I could sketch this much in my life.

    Things are still going good, so I'm hoping this victory streak will keep up for a long time.

    I'll check back in a little while.

    - Backbiter
  2. So, I decided to try out a planned out approach at writing my novel to force myself to get writing and work with all the time I have available.

    Week one of this plan started out Monday, and I'm already mostly done with the things I had set for myself to do this week - definitely a good thing.

    If I can manage to stick to my plan and work to the utmost best of my abilities, I should have a pretty decent first draft by April, if not sooner.

    Hoping for the best.

    - Backbiter
  3. Well, it's been about four days since my last post.

    Still been working on my novel hardcore, making some good progress.

    Actually started spinning out the first scene today, and it's turning out fairly well.

    Hopefully I can keep this up and move a bit faster from here on (been moving like a snail).

    - Backbiter
  4. It's's time for me to crack down hard.

    So I've been writing a novel now for about 5 years on and off. Still nowhere near done, but it's time to hustle it. I'm doing some major brainstorming, note-taking, character-sketching, and scene-writing.

    I'm hoping to have at least the first draft of the novel done within around 6 months.

    Let's hope I can do it...time flies fast when I'm trying to get stuff done.

    Wish me luck?
    - Backbiter