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  1. Life is weird. I transferred to a new ship about a year ago, I made a few friends like always. One however I consider a true friend, not just an acquaintance. Today I get an email saying that he told his wife that he filed for divorce. we've been out at sea for appox 4 weeks! How did it go from the two lovers with a new born child on the pier to divorce. It's just confusing. no more game nights with friends. No more going out to the drive in. No more playing with baby Téa. What happened?!? I'm ranting I know. Now he's talking to ex-girlfriends, she found his chat logs. He's found a new girl on the ship to "Mind Fuck." it's like my friend of a year warped into a different human being. We don't even hang out anymore. I keep getting emails about what he says to his wife. He told her she was fat and he didn't find her sexually attractive anymore. Who says that to a woman who just had a baby! I work in an office with this person. I feel therefore I am trapped because I cannot ignore the plight of others.
    Oh we had a tour booked together for the Philippines now he's not leaving the ship. He's been chatting online to another girl, I've noticed. He probably wants to sit on the ship sulking in his sad marriage talking to pixels pretending that there is something there.

    Ok, done with my rant sorry.
  2. This may sound a bit strange so I will explain my situation.

    I'm currently enlisted in the navy and out on deployment. I have internet for maybe two hours a day and sit at my computer for fourteen hours a day. Not a lot to occupy my time.

    I was just wondering if anyone would like to be my email pen pal because we have email 24/7.

    Maybe even do some tandem writing exercises, if anyone is up for this my email is
  3. like if I post something that even I think is garbage I'll get 10 replies explaining it to me, but when I post work I try and put some thought and editing into, it gets completely looked over, does the internet rule apply here?

    Internet Rule: When asking a question state it wrong so everyone will correct you and you can get the right information Example : Why does Zelda always say the princess? 1000 people ZELDA IS THE PRINCESS OMG OMG...