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  1. I publicly and sincerely apologize to the entire WritingForums community for all my inappropriate posts / blogs that have been offensive in any way.

    I recently found this great site and went buckwald crazy in writing glee, misbehaving in the process. This was my first endeavor in open literary expression and I lost control of my artistic manners.

    I confess, I didn't read the poignant rules of the site (which I now thoroughly have) and was too caught-up in presenting my work. This was wrong.

    I am more sober and disciplined now, and have refined my approach. Good, 'clean' literary fun is all that is required here --and all that I will subsequently render.

    I thank the owners, creators and moderators of the site for their vision and industry in establishing and managing it. I welcome fellow new members (and advise them not to make the same mistakes I have) and salute the community as a whole.

    Again, my sincerest apologies. And sorry for my ramblings.

    Yours in word,
    Bay K.