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  1. Yeah, so this is a story about a recent experience with that awkward moment in class when you're writing something and the professor asks you to explain something... Ha, ha. Don't know WHAT my professor's problem was that day, but anyway... Made a video because it's faster than typing it all. :p
  2. My son is just adorable. He says "mama" now. It's is favorite noise. Says it all the time. He'll just sit there like, "mamamamamamamamama." Ha, ha! So here's a video I took of him today. He was enamored with the computer, so he didn't say it as much as he usually does, but oh well. Enjoy!
  3. Strangely enough, this is actually one my favorite memories. It still makes me laugh to this day. I was so young!

    So four years ago there were three girls: Angela, Heather, and, of course, me. There was a fast-food place called Whataburger, and we were all hanging out, drinking chocolate milkshakes, eating french fries. All that business. Anyway, for some reason we all ended up in the women's restroom. I think it was because Angela went in and came out all excited because there was a TV in there or something.

    Anyway, so we're all gathered around the sinks and a girl walks in and goes in one of the stalls. Everything is quiet. I look at Heather (and she is a total prude), and realize that the opportunity is just TOO perfect. I yell out:

    "Oh, my God! Heather! Why are you looking under that girl's stall?! I know you thought she was cute, but give her some privacy!"

    Heather looks at me with one of the most horrified faces I've ever seen.

    At least...I thought so until I saw the look on the girl's face when she came out of the stall. She ran out of the bathroom. Didn't even wash her hands. (I did feel kinda bad, by the way.)

    Anyway, so we look at the TV mounted on the wall and these skydivers came on. I guess somehow Angela and I started to pretend we were skydiving. Heather was still in shock. I look at Angela and she's looking behind her like...OH ****!

    I turn around and the manager is right there. I'm still in skydive position. ****! She goes:

    "Please stop scaring the customers."

    We got out of there pretty fast! And next time we showed up, the manager kept looking at us. Ha, ha.

    I still, to this day, get on to Heather about being such a creeper. Lol.
  4. Well, I'm in love with The Darkling Thrush by Thomas Hardy. One of my favorite poems for many reasons. One of them being that I sang an arrangement of this by Timothy Takach a couple years back when I was in choir in high school. And the melody is so haunting and beautiful. So today I sang it, and though I'm very rusty, I thought I'd share it with all of you. Beautiful poem. Beautiful song. Enjoy!

    And here is the poem:

  5. Seriously. Look at him!