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  1. Well, another week has ended. I did not get to write as much as I would have liked due to the day job. Gotta pay the bills, don't you know. :rolleyes:

    However, I did write 1035 words today - my most to date. So, now my novel is up to a whopping 5122 words. *snickers* Ummm, I have just a 'few' more words to go. ;)

    In my defense, I have been doing research on various details of my story (places, etc). And, I've been reading posts on forums on various topics concerning how-to writing tips.

    AND, I've been reading books in my novel's genre. If I stay immersed in the tone and cadence of these novels, it may make things easier for me to write mine. That's the theory anyways. :D

    I'm trying hard to just type it out. Yes, I do go back to previous scenes when I realize I left something out or an additional detail comes to me. Heck, I've even noticed that I was spelling one character's name wrong often! LOL. Silly me.

    I figure, make as much of those types of corrections now in the first draft so that when I go to do the second draft, it is that much less to work on. I can then focus more on imagery, making sure the plot and details flow and make sense, etc.
  2. It's barely been a week since I started my adventure into writing my first novel.

    What started as a spark of an idea while reading a fan fiction piece has blossomed into a murder mystery novel that is peppered with red herring suspects and clues, witty one-liners, and nods towards individuals and concepts.

    Every day, at least twice a day, just out of nowhere, I come up with a plot twist that just adds another layer. This is just snowballing.

    As I continue to tweak the plot and sub-plots, I am wondering how much of a bear this will be to find that right balance between the main plot (solving a murder) and the sub-plots (various interactions between main characters, including a love connection), without one overshadowing the other.

    Darn it! I need to stop over-analyzing everything from the get-go and just write the story and see what happens! This has been keeping me from going beyond page 2 of my story. :redface:
  3. Well, after hem-hawing for most of the day now, I have decided (for the time being) to delete the actual murder from the story. I have saved it to a Notepad file in case I decide to put it back in. It was its own section, so there really is no problem putting it back in.

    So, instead of starting page 3 of the story, I'm back to page 1. *grins*

    I know this is only the first draft and that I should just be typing as things come to me; laying out the whole story from start to finish. Then, go back to the beginning and nit-pic each nook and cranny. However, while I have the overall story laid out in my head, it's the individual scenes that are giving me trouble. Some of them are interchangeable. So, I have to decide when I want to introduce certain elements.

    I guess, once I get past the hurdle of introducing the majority of the characters and the story starts to really move, things will become easier.

    I'm so stoked in writing this story, but I am worried about everything associated with it ... even things that won't be issue for a long time to come - querying for example. :(
  4. Even though I have not been able to devote a large portion of the day to write, as day 3 draws to a close, I believe I have made good overall progress on my first book.

    Thus far:

    • Characters and their basic descriptions have been mapped out.
    • The overall plot and sub-plots have been laid out.
    • Deeper character descriptions have been made on 2 of the main characters.
    • The title page of the book has been formated.
    • Found several good quotes to use throughout the book (thanks to Hubby).
    • Made a list of questions/problems to solve when it comes to plot consistancy.
    • Jotted down many notes of things that need to be added/mentioned throughout the story.

    Now I have Chapter 1, page 1 open ... a blank canvas ... trying to decide how I want to start this puppy off. I mean, I know the setting/location and the characters involved ... but it's the setup to the murder, so I have to sell it fast.

    Think of Law and Order episodes and how they lead into the finding of the dead body each time. It's like that, but you (the reader) see the murder happen ... but you just don't see/know who the murderer is.

    So, basically I have to write "the camera panning into and focusing" on the victim type thing.

    Ok ... off I go.
  5. After reading the latest chapter of a "Castle" fan fiction story, I was left thinking of how the author could have written it to add a twist. Within minutes, that thought morphed into "OMG! I just thought of a new novel!".

    So, I spent the afternoon and night joining and reading fiction writing forum posts to pick up ideas on the writing process and what potential pitfalls to avoid.

    Now I have my main and supporting characters (except those that come into the story for a few moments, peppered throughout the story - they will be developed when they appear), their names and personalities and some have brief back stories that are pertinent to the story itself.

    I also have the overall story synopsis and some minor details mapped out. I have also answered the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, and HOW questions.

    Lastly, I'm in the middle of writing an outline of Chapter 1, which right now reads more like a screenplay (rough scene layouts). Dialogue will only be written if something comes to me and I want it written down so I don't forget it.

    a) How long to make each chapter.
    b) When to end with cliffies and when not to.
    c) How long to make the actual book.
    d) Will it get published if there is no room for a sequel/trilogy.
    e) How does the murder get the knowledge he needs to pull off his whole stunt (hard to understand without giving away the full plot).

    I think that's a good start.

    Now, if only I can keep this momentum up until the book is finished (understanding that one wouldn't be writing EVERY day or as much each time).