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  1. If you have ever been in college you have probably felt the way i do today. There are just some days you wish you were born rich like Paris Hilton or some other idiot that doesnt deserve it. I'm not going to lie to you college sucks. It is hard, you feel like you're wasting your time unless you really know what you want to be and almost no one does. I wish someone would have just told me when i was younger what i was going to be so i could just go for it. Right now i am taking Chem. 123 which is general chemistry. For the lab you have to do prelabs in order to get into the class which makes life even harder... I am sitting at home on the couch now due to my inabilitly to do a prelab assignment. It is one of those days when you just want to give up on your plans thus far and go out and do something fun with your life... I have been dreaming up starting my own business all day. Except the fact i know absolutely nothing about business. I guess i know absolutely nothing about chemistry as well, so i might as well go with it. My dream is to set up my own coffee shop with a bunch of friends and make purses, messenger bags, and design t-shirts that are cheap. I always go out shopping and there are never any bags i like so i decided i should just make my own and if i like it maybe other people will to. I would want to use local products and resourses and not use imported things from other countries, seeing that lately our country is in trouble. I know my idea isnt very original since i am in a college town i suppose i just want to live the hippie dream.