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  1. Got rewied some more. Working on it :) probably a good time to tell that my story are translated from my native lanuage :rolleyes:
  2. Yey! Finally weekend :D No festivity this weekend i think. Relaxing at home on in front of the magic box is all i have planned ;)

    Need to work out a plan for chapter one though, kinda stuck. Nothing big, but still.. :(
  3. Worked abit on chapter one. Got a thousand words done. Not much but a start atleast :)
    Posted a draft of some of chapter one on the review forums and got some very good advice.
    A few things iv'e not thought about :)

    Early work tomorrow so heading for the bed. Besides, my wife are getting a bit tired of me sitting in front of my laptop :) cheers and good night:redface:
  4. Done some work on our story today with my friend. Scratched out some part of the creation of the world and worked one some religions too. Didnt get too much done because my real job :D
    Anyways. Trying to get more work done before we start some serious writing :)