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  1. As I was walking outside this morning, thinking about one of my current thoughts: what it means to explore, I realized that by contrasting it with what it means to search I could understand why exploring is better. When you explore, you don't know what you are going to find. You don't have any expectations. God is free to move in your life because you have given Him the sky as His limit (By the way, God always has the sky as his limit, but if we let him work big in our lives like he wants to then we will be blessed!). So, exploring is what explorers do when they are exploring a new land. But who else explores? Children do. The difference between exploring and searching is the wonder factor. Children have it more often than adults. The wonder factor is the ability to let your mind be awed. It is the ability to live in the moment and take the moment as it comes. It is not searching for anything because nothing is lacking. I ask: Where is your heart? because we are all looking for something through the eyes of our hearts. Where are our hearts? Is it resting in wonder, exploring the possibilities? Or is it resting in emptiness--searching always looking, but never finding. Exploring is no have no goal other than to learn. That is what makes the mind of a child so fascinating to me. I love to go exploring with a child into their world of make-believe. How refreshing! So before I go off on a tangent about how much I adore little girls and how I think they are all angels, let me conclude: Explore life with all that you are. Never search for anything. God is every thing you need and His Holy Spirit is living in your heart. You do not need to search to find Him for He has placed His Holy Spirit in our hearts. Don't kill your spirit with your search. Wonder. Explore. Live.