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  1. One day, I was with my friend, having lunch. He was a very close friend. When we were done, he said “I want to tell something, but please don’t get the wrong idea" so I told him to say whatever was in his mind. He said" our friendship lived it’s forth year, so I dare to say that I know you better than you know yourself, and up until now, there is something about you that I couldn’t understand You are all round person, you have so many hobbies, so many that I keep wondering about how you can balance between them. I think you have the ability to say yes to anything, and sometimes, saying yes to anything can lead to a disaster".
    From that day forth, I keep thinking of his words. Maybe he is right, and maybe he is wrong. It’s true my hobbies are many and I enjoy them all. But after that day, I don’t feel the same any more. Is it bad to be all round person?