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  1. To explain all of the things running inside of my mind would be as tedious to me writing it as it would be to you to read it... but I need to tell someone and you seem so intent to listen...

    I am worried, about being lost. I am worried that I will be lost inside of someone again and once I am lost, they will abandon me.

    Like a child following a trusted soul into the forest, through the twists and turns of the trees, avoiding the overhang together, pulling aside the thorny vines, making the path clear and visible.
    "Sit by that rock, we will play hide and seek. I will hide and you will seek."
    Counting to ten, always seems like the longest ten...
    "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine... ten!"
    Hands uncovering the hidden eyes, looking up to find no one, to find... nothingness...

    You can come up with many scenarios. They are lost, have become lost, were always lost... It is me, became me, was always me...

    I have the type of personality that is always giving a part of myself up to someone. Especially when they ask me too. I will do it willingly; will do it willingly. But if you want it, I have it, so come and get it...
    I have the type of personality that feeds off my ability to give. I have the type of personality that gets a kick out of making people feel good.

    I have the type of personality that not only likes to throw myself into something or someone, but who also then adds all value to that something or someone...

    What is there for me without the things that make me feel valuable. I have nothing. I am nothing. I am not worth anything in this world.

    Unlike a child following a trusted soul into the forest... I do not trust myself to follow you.