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  1. The Serpent's League
    The Serpent's League is an ancient secret society in the Aeterian Sea. Its members are mostly, though not entirely, powerful sorcerers, alchemists, and shamans, and the group is dedicated to the retention of balance in the world. It was this group that orchestrated the overthrow of the Nogan Empire. Its symbol is the Ouroboros.

    A Zauberkeilen is a duel between two sorcerers. Any sorcerer can challenge another sorcerer to Zauberkeilen, and if the other accepts, the duel takes place at a location and time agreed on by the two. The duel can end in one of two ways:
    • One of the combatants offers the other the chance to surrender and the other accepts.
    • One of the combatants is killed.
    It is considered honorable to offer mercy to an opponent rather than killing him, and it is also not dishonorable to surrender when given the chance, though some sorcerers prefer to fight to the death. Once engaged in Zauberkeilen, a combatant cannot surrender without being offered the chance by his opponent. Interference by other parties is also prohibited. A Zauberkeilen challenge can be declined, but outside of special circumstances it is considered cowardly and dishonorable.

    Great Turtle
    Great turtles are a species of sea turtle ranging in size from about ten to three hundred feet long. Domesticated great turtles are usually about one hundred and fifty feet long or smaller, and are used in a similar fashion to ships. The number of great turtles in the Aeterian Sea is relatively small, and they are an uncommon sight.

    Dragons in the Aeterian Sea are usually about fifty feet in length, with large leathery wings. They have the abilities of flight and fire breath, which, along with their fierce talons and strength, make them some of the most feared creatures in the Aeterian Sea. Very few dragons have ever been successfully domesticated, and and attempting to do so is generally considered dangerous and foolhardy. They are about as common as great turtles.