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  1. Today I paid a visit to my teacher's place, it was only me who wanted to meet for discussing some of the pivotal issues of my life. However, I had never been there so, it just took a little more of me to be at the mentioned address of highland park. Candidly I used to be very arrogant with this lady, and at times I have even took her on my nerves.
    I admit that my teacher is an intellectual, noetic and rational soul. She loves to dress classy, she sometimes sermonizes too. As I arrived, she offered me a milk chocolate and a cup of coffee. I could feel the warmth in her talks. And gradually, I peached all my kept ones in front of her. I could not find the most safer zone than she could be for me. In her home, when I moved towards the book-shelf that was being kept according to the appropriate feng-shui direction, i guess as her abode was goodish that everything was in its place of order. I being an avid reader just started alternating the stored works that range from biographies to different historical accounts. It was then she uttered "girl, the best way to search the desired book you can just see the name side of it ,so that you can easily get the one you are seeking for."
    I would say succinctly here that it might happen that sometimes the person who you hate the most or loathe, can be so affable and cordial in this world.
  2. Opening my eyes with the arrival for a new day for the same work is just like a poking someone with the saying that "follow a mouse if you are married to him or follow an elephant if you are married to one". So, my rapacious nature gets hurt rapacity never gets satisfied with the same objects working around me. By objects here, I mean the people with the same mind-sets, people with same attitude, with same voice, same face, their alike structures make me gloomy not for the reason that I am around then but for the repetition of the same task again and again.
    If mother Mary ask me to take a boon for my good thought to revamp all this I would want to make these same objects revived with a pinch of difference. This differing pinch might vary with regard to changing their perspectives, methodology or other same things that are just like "magnificent workaholics". When it comes to the furore that arises from the instincts that drive drudgery into the system. I being emphatic here would like to throw suggestions as I am imbued with rift for my work not in the negative way that I take it lightly but try to make it different with my efforts for my own good. But here I don't mean to be insolent as with due respect for every occupation that is legally subsisting the individuals I have made my trite of it having a boring work but not bad. It can be taken seriously as its not an urge but just an advice for those who like to acquire some strange manners of dealing. I know this piece of my writing is quite portraying me caprice but what to say as its all instinctual to feel that everyday should not be the same day, "make changes as changes are for good."
  3. Standing still , like that of a corpse

    Never bent from the blowing copse.

    the most gigantic, unswerving

    the most ubiquitous, unwavering.

    entrails of mine, impalpable

    want to ensconce , impossible

    always pouring over the sky,birds and clouds

    An impressive prism, I m

    AN Impassive giant , I m

    Look my spire- me

    which has inspired me...
  4. It is incumbent on me to expatiate on a variety of notions, beliefs, principles , ideologies in order to externalize my Individual Perceptive Suppression.
    My nicety always tries to pay for these endeavors.
    Albeit, I am conceived to be contumacious, mince, but that is the holistic side of my same perspective that is parted into the other one which is the succinct side.
    Well , this combination The Holistic and The Succinct has a motley collection of social, economic, personal, financial, connections.

    I m aimed now to expound upon someone, favoring an egalitarian, shrewd, sage sort of accepted behavior, the one which is thought to be the “Social Conventions…
    The unprecedented deeds , resistance towards morally wrong behavior …

    The crucial part goes for the Rights of Individuals, Right to express oneself, Right to externalize, Right to accentuate or make more recognizable ones own morally correct perspective.

    To expound/expatiate upon Human Rights, we should indubitably have a look on “Strength of Acceptance” of these rights that too at a global level. Every nation has its own way of taking the governing system, at a brief commencement with a slight introduction of a country which in its pre 20th century used to be under its worst conditions due to the violations of the basic rights, i.e; there was violation of human rights at a great extent. Monumentally, Mao Zedong used to impose his own favoring, vested interest policies , like the three antis campaign, the five antis campaign, the great leap forward , the cultural revolution, making almost impossible for the Chinese to live according to their own needs.
    Well , this all happened to be in their fate as they were unaware of their own role , rights, for them it was a general malaise. Most of the population was not educated, not learned enough to differentiate between rights and wrongs of life. And that hesitation for not raising voice gave rise to further enhancement of that so called “perceptive Suppression”. From those days there used to be bans on the media, no writings were allowed to be published . as no one could dare to form his own opinion.
    It for now a malar key, but when China opened its boundaries to liberalization, eventually joined WTO making its economy more independent and receptive, it began to develop as a new emerging nation with its ultimate supremacy for the guidance of its citizens, but it all took so much of efforts, to stand again and trying to shift from a diametrically opposed governing to a more liberal one, in terms of economic independence as well as open oneself after a long time in front of other nations. It needed an insatiable appetite gobbling all the facts, science and technology to improvise its pathetic condition.
    In a nutshell, it can be said that these people then worked quite hard to recover from its past of avoidance, deprived of education.
    In human rights , we have an inclusion of a variety vague topics, such as right to information, right of speech, etc, but why do we consider right to education an almost excluded subject of our lives. After all, it is the very flashing piece of notion as a mans level of comprehension relies a lot on the level of formal education, he/she receives.
    In my opinion, enactment of RTE right to education has an inter-dependency with RTI right to information.
    Indirectly, right to education is the testament for right to information. Nobody in this world is omniscient but when we would be aware of all the peremptory rights, it would definitely be in our own right to know what our rights are, with regard to not the whole but at least the general contradictory ideas from big issues to the trivia.

    Today’s demographic attributes are measured in terms of EDUCATION, CLASS, ECONOMY, BUSINESS SCALING, but the real and necessary phase of awareness goes for rights. There are some conceptions towards which human mind is always obtuse and human rights are one of them.
    Primarily we should know the exact meaning of human right – the basic right that everyone has to be treated fairly, not in a cruel way, especially by their government. And humanists are people who practice it.
    Well , while going through the clear vision of the glibly taken versions with regard to human rights, we should not go for being puritanical even not for being lenient. Its all about integrity, freedom, but not being impetuous. while comprehending our rights, there should not be any sort of prejudice, pejorative delusions should be excluded.
    The concluded composition of this very piece of writing mainly focus the factors influencing the implementation of human rights, it may be in the optimistic or a pessimistic aspect in its own way…
  5. Dystopia, the opposed of Utopia, is the word for what we call the state in which life is extremely suffering with Terror, Oppression or Suppression , any sort of deprivation is inclusive of dystopia. Well, nowadays the teens are incessantly falling preys to all the bad or life sucking habits, and the reason behind this seems to be the stress that makes them feel the need to make an improvisation, or can say that rapprochements are needed only when the gratification is met out, to fulfill their desires they sometimes carry a rebellious attitude towards their acquaintances, pals, friends, whom they began to consider as one of the bodging ilk on the planet. During the whole period of suffering the time which they spend totally goes with their fickle-minded plans which they began to execute on their respective lives.

    Teenage is the puberty age in which hormonal disturbances , some internal changes take place, that is the reason we , the teenagers sometimes find more relaxation in smoking and drinking, and somewhere the reason behind the chain smoking is our sexual frustration which is becoming a vital part of our lives. Teens develop most of the times a habit of sullen temper, they like to be with themselves as they find themselves more convoluted as well as convivial in themselves at the same time. The rekindled feelings of love, sex, making friends of opposite sex seems more ubiquitous. We sometimes become odious as verisimilitude exists somewhere.

    This verdant age of the striplings is imbued with emulation, to subdue others, their counterparts to the intimidating phase. Prominence, fame, and their rapacious attitude are the essentials of what they are made of. Juveniles sometimes develop Narcissism , the habit of admiring yourself and your appearance too much, to be self obsessed , as they find themselves on their own dais and this the very ambo from which they just like to be heard , as they need to be heard the most. I reckon there exists a motley breed of nasty, frustrating, depressed, dejected ,casuist teens with resolute intentions. Albeit this age which I have termed the “Age of Perceptive Suppression” is being named so, as the versatile beings are turned into the adults in flying colors. To efface the self developed or thrown vanities, some become voracious readers, some remain gullible and many turn agile-minded.

    Tersely it can be said that there may be varied teens of varied perspectives but generally what I have conceived is everybody in this age is misanthrope, he/she might not like man kind but a day comes when they come out of this abyss and give an outset to resuscitate their resonant surrounding…