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  1. Your love it is enveloping me. I'm breathing it in deeply.
    I feel it inhabit my being and know if I allow myself to indulge my perceptions may very well implode.
    My thoughts turn inward as I fight to conceal them.
    Yet I finally lose control as I turn toward you and allow you to admire the contents of my soul.

    Every lone thought is now a part of you.
    The words my heart beat ache for they are so terribly true.
    If I were to cut myself open I know I would bleed blue.
    Because these veins may be revealed but only to you.

    This blue blood will drop upon this page, it will fall into patterns and intricate shapes.
    Writing on it's own, it will share with you what is genuine.
    I have no more secrets for my body has let go of every last lie.
    I can feel your pulse as it reads my spilled blood for each pulsating quiver runs through me as well.

    The words of our songs are burning in my soul.
    The blades I have cut myself with now seem so dull.
    All that seems to matter is that shining little cole.
    I'm watching it grow inside you, you are finally full.
  2. A first post.
    What to say.
    These Blogs are for me, decidedly.
    If you do not care for my writing style or you do not care for what I have to say, don't come to visit me please, I do not care to hear your critiques.
    My inspirations:
    -Sylvia Plath
    -Chris Stone
    -Rebecca Osborn
    -Schoolyard Heroes.