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  1. Well, that's just great.

    My entire SD drive has gone missing. I've lost a years worth of precious notes, one short story at 3100 words I wanted to enter into short story contest #42, and the short story I was working on for week's #43 contest. At 1900 words, it was 2/3 finished.

    Where did my son put it? He didn't swallow it. It wasn't in any of the garbages. Yet I can't find it anywhere, anywhere whatsoever. I didn't leave it or misplace it anywhere.

    It feels like I've lost my soul.


    :( :(
  2. Something's been on my mind for a while.

    I want to continue writing a trilogy I've been planning for some time. Originally, I called it 'Cliche Breaker' when I thought up a simple RPG plot I wanted to make into a game using RPGMakerXP. The title was corny, but it got the point across.

    After much research, I decided to change the project name to 'oSphere', which is short for Omphalosphere or Omphalos Sphere. It is about hyper-reality and a young man's power to control Murphy's Law. It is no longer a game, and the story has matured.

    The name 'pseudoworld' seems appropriate somehow. It is not the Matrix, nor is it about Dreams and fake reality. I want to put a new spin on old supernaturalism. The question of God is a matter of author analogy and the laws of the universe are determined by the laws of TVTropes, Dramatic Theory, Finagles Constant, and Murphy.

    I have about two dozen pages of research and written discussions to go through. Time to organize the details and get to work writing the story.
  3. At 3100 words, my entry is not only over the limit of 3000 words. I've also missed the deadine.

    I never intended it to be this way, but I'm only 3/4 of the way through and the final product may very well be between 5000 and 6000 words.

    So far, there are two scenes. The second scene goes into a flashback that explains the MC's story dilemma through an out-of-control conflict with his brother that destroys the relationship he has with his family.

    A traditional man who would have never thought of changing his last name under any circumstance is faced with the dilemma of taking his wife's name and disowning his family forever. I am determined more than ever to finish it and post it even though I cannot make the contest.

    It's a disappointment for me as I was really hoping to enter the contest, but ran out of time. I really wanted to win. This contest is the reason why I have made a serious commitment to words instead of leaving endless stories in the planning stages.

    Next time I will meet the words and the deadline. That is my next goal.