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  1. You see, I rarely like to make a fuss, especially with my writing, because it normally doesn't have any tones subversion. but I find myself in a dilemma, with this idea that i've spoke about a bit on here.

    The title is Harvest: The Devil's orchard and the general premise is that it's about a group of demons, called the Oculus in Infernum, who are planning an attack on the gods, headed up by what effectively is the ruling male line.

    Lucifer is the head, effectively the devil himself, with Oriax and Zai (whose full name is Zagan) being son and grandson respectively, helping face up this attack.

    You see thing thing is, I love this idea, but I feel that if I share it once completed (which I want to do so badly) I will regret making that decision, as I feel there will be people who take what i've done totally the wrong way and not as the creative piece that takes a look at the idea of "what if it's actually the bad guys who are right" and how i've taken the portrayal.

    I will share an excerpt (the first three paragraphs) from what i've written up thus far below.

    Zai walked through the Orchard, masses of gravestones laid on the ground, making the Orchard a conflicting scene, much like his thoughts. "This is tradition," he whispered to himself, thinking of his ancestors. Three years after their deaths, their bodies were exhumed and moved to this place, the Devil’s Orchard. He looked round the orchard; the blackened bark was a stark contrast to the brightness of the day, the green leaves, and the blood-red apples that hung from the trees.

    The wind that whispered through the trees left voices of his past in his ears, his heritage coming alive within the realms of his own psyche. His life was one he crashed into, and one he suspected that he would equally crash out of in the most inelegant of ways. “This is all just a dream” he tries to tell himself, knowing that really it was not. Reaching his hand up to his head, he felt the familiar hardness of his horns curling over his head, hair following their curve to a curl at the base of his neck.

    “Still reality Zai, pull yourself together.” He commented, walking to the nearest tree and scaling it swiftly. He sat near the top, plucking one of the apples and eating it. the green leaves filtered the sunlight as he notices the mark of his group, the Oculus, darkening. Sighing, knowing that his leader, Lucifer was in need of him, he climbed back down the tree and walks quickly to his cabin. Seeing the darkness of the mark, he knew that it was serious and full robes were required.

    Thank you for reading, i've yet to completely write this entire idea and intend to do so, and I will see from there.
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  2. As Much as I love writing my main series - The Master Swordsman Chronicles, I do find myself sometimes wondering how much I hated myself when writing them. As revisiting the first novel, Order Of The Black, for a rewrite has brought up its own problems, namely the fact that I am having to remember which bloody person aside from the main characters I'm talking about.

    This problem only really is with the elves (always the bloody elves) and the fact that [SECTION REDACTED- SPOILER] at the end of the first book means we end up closer to the older of the two brothers, and moving entire countries with quite a few thousand people in tow (Definitely a mass exodus if you ask me)

    not only that but the brother in the first book, Emeril is a bit of an arse (and called a bastard multiple times, by many different people, as well a prick and many other things) which is probably why I always want to talk about the older brother, Caspiar, because he is a decent fellow (even if he does occasionally sound like your mother if you and your sibling are fighting)

    Plus when your dwarf MC has like four other brothers to deal with (well, all of them are dead by the end of the third chapter of the second book) you kinda have to try and remember which one is which (well the one that got exiled was easy, but the other three weren't so much lol) it makes your life harder because you're having a character reference one of the brothers and being like, "what was X's name again?" made for some hilarity/hours of searching.

    Death, as it may have occurred to you by now, is something that happens fairly frequently in my series, not as frequently as GRRMartin in A Song of Ice and Fire, but when I say my series is ASOIAF meets LOTR minus dragons, I mean the deaths are like GRRMartin (as is the MC's appointment as something) but then everything goes LOTR as I have elves and dwarves and orcs and aside from dragons, I wouldn't be surprised if it existed there. (Hel, we even have fire salamanders, and Direwolves, which again was a nod to ASOIAF)

    The worst part of all this is that the three books that I've written so far in this series, have all been pantsed, and i literally have no plans for it at all except a minor "I want X, Y, and Z to happen" in my head. and now I'm having to go through and create those plans (as timelines on Aeon Timeline, I hate the software's design with a passion, but it will serve its purpose for now)

    Sorry it's a long one, but I have been sitting here keep writing the wrong bloody brother's name in the book and having to repeatedly backspace to correct it.

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  3. I've been thinking about creating a resource for some time, but I don't know whether or not people would want it... Especially as it will be a technology-based resource that can be used for Sci-Fi and modern fantasy as what I would be posting would be for that kind of thing.

    If it seems like a good idea, then let me know, I can either do one or several on this, depending on what kind of resource that people want, (because I'm not sure what kind of resources people want...)
  4. I had left my entry for over a week now, and I am now bricking it because I desperately need to edit it but haven't because I now realise how bad at editing I am. this next couple of days will be frantic editing and praying to the gods to make sure that this is spot on.

    I also realised that on Friday, I am going to be out all day, and now realise that somehow, i need to get it done even with that. it's a shame that I hadn't realised sooner, else I would have started editing much sooner....


    I make myself wonder on occasions as to why I do this.

  5. I Can't honestly say that lately i've felt like a writer. I seemed to have found myself disillusioned with the thing i love the most, and I don't know what scares me more, the fact I have become disillusioned, or the fact that the thing I love has been slipping away from me slightly.

    I completely understand that my life can be hectic with University and trying to find a job, but I shouldn't forget what it is I love doing - Writing. and although I did finish writing my third novel this year, I think I spent too long on one series and I think that is where the Problem sets in, I think I set myself so tightly on one course that I found myself losing the enjoyment I once had with it.

    That is where the Competition comes in, I log in here one day on the off chance that something interesting might have happened one day (like, i suddenly became extremely popular for no apparent reason) to find an announcment about the 10th Anniversary competition. which suddenly spiked my interest, I had considered entering one of the short story comps to give myself a break and was going to head there, but decided to do this instead.

    I tell you what, having this change of pace with this concept has certainly helped me a lot, it has got me away from my main series enough to be able to actually enjoy what i am doing for once

    I do hope to be round more as well because of this

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