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  1. hello this is my first short story

    John searched through police files of released prisoners for his next discipline lesson to show the sinners of his town what the bible implied and what the lord said in hidden messages about the punishments for defiance. His accomplice impatiently paced back and forth of the living room in John's house.
    "who is the next person to experience the consequences for their sins?" Asked Gregory
    "Gerald Watson is in need of a disciplining as he has kidnapped two children, he is living on 31 Hargrade Street, L iverpool"
    "we better not waste any time, at midnight tonight I will meet you on Diagove Road, the main road passing it, you better be there on time!" Gregory hissed.
    Gregory was hasty to leave John's home and almost broke a number of items in John's house in the process. John sat reciting the bible and attempting to unlock yet more secrets of his religion. Their method of discipline consisted of the final moments of what he saw as his patients but what others would have rightly saw as his victims so in this act they were convinced they acted on behalf of god but did the opposite of their lord's intentions. The first delusional man to take up the task of ridding the world of sin had long since been killed and the person who ended his life was unknown to everyone but the killer and the memory of the man he had killed.

    John arrived at Diagrove Road punctually as instructed and was greeted by the grim face of Gregory wore the same face for each night that they had paid a visit to a sinner's
    house, the face that instantly sent a shiver down John's spine, the gleam in Gregory's eyes were unreadable to anyone besides himself. As they made very slow progress
    down the street they were almost spotted by a neighbour, John's heart pounded uncontrollably, he was with fear, unlike Gregory who simply walked past the house without as much as a blink of surprise for the near sighting of their presence. John's face returned to the seemingly blank expression that rarely left his face. Gregory had as good as brainwashed him to get him to that state and had plenty of backup plans in case John got mugged of his life. Gregory was a man of many secrets who's personality appeared to others as nothing more than a computer programmed to confuse people and make people curious. When they were very near their destination Gregory stopped in his tracks and so John also came to a halt
    "I'll go and find a place that I can see so that I know that you aren't disgracing the lord" Gregory whispered
    but Gregory had no intention of watching the scene of horror that was going to take place in the house. John broke the door of the house down and started searching the house for Gerald Watson, the kidnapper. He caught sight of a figure which seemed to be a male person and lunged at the figure. The figure turned around and John was shocked and astounded at what he saw. With a knife the figure stabbed John repeatedly and turned to leave him to die.
    "well he is dead I have made sure of that but now for the next one to give revenge to my former inmates" Gregory murmered to himself.
    Meanwhile John was waiting to go to what he presumed was heaven but when a devil appeared brfore him he was confused.
    "What are you doing here, I disciplined sinners on behalf of the lord" John exclaimed.
    "No, what you did was kill people for making an error in their lives" snapped the devil.
    John was then dropped into the fiery land below to disintegrate.

    thank you for reading this and I hope you liked it!
    please comment, I would love to hear your oppinions.