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  1. Ok, so I have spent about a month or so pondering over my story and how to tell it. I've started the book, scrapped everything and restarted the book again.
    My main characters are relatively set although I am still working on getting to know them and hoping that my MC can really be a hero - cos he seems a bit of a sap at the moment. Maybe he will grow in strength by the end of the book.
    I have the beginning and the end in mind and I know what I want the reader to get out of reading the book at the end of it, it's just putting exciting plot elements together that I am battling with.
    Getting the time to "write every day" like they tell you is a mission and there is no way that I have that much time on my hands but I am going to have to get more disciplined if I hope to have anything half way complete in the next year or two. I've wasted enough time and I need to get my story out there. It's all about priorities.
  2. It's amazing how when you set your mind to it, even with limited time, you can set the wheels in motion to get more creative.
    I haven't written anything for years and yet I feel it all starting to come back...
    Discipline really is the key though. I will stick it out this time - a promise to myself :rolleyes: