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  1. I admit it, I'm a porch-sitter. I know, you may not know exactly what a porch-sitter does, but I can tell you... nothing. It's a time-honored tradition here in the southern part of the U.S. to sit on the porch and do nothing. Perhaps drinking some sweet iced-tea, or anything else ice-cold. I personally like to lean my chair back on two legs and put my feet on the rail, but other porch-sitters will rock, or curl up on a porch swing.
    There is nothing better in my whole day, than a morning spent on my porch, watching the sun rise, and smelling cool damp grass, and hearing birds chirping their spring mating songs. Or an afternoon watching a Cardinal with his new wife, pecking and scratching under the oak tree, looking for tiny bugs to show his new love. Or an evening, when the air is permeated with the scent of flowers and sun-warmed plants. And the sun lowers itself gently behind the trees, the birds finally slowing their day-time songs. When the cooling breeze plays along your neck, lifting the tiny hairs and cooling the skin that had been heated by the hot and humid day on the porch.
    I know that it's outdated, since the invention of television and air conditioning, to sit on the porch and do nothing, but I love it. Everyone should just take one hour out of their day and try to experience a good porch-sitting time. It really is a balm for me, when the rest of the world is in turmoil, to just sit and let the stillness enter deep within my soul, and soothe the stresses that threaten to overwhelm me.
    Seriously, try it once and perhaps you'll be a porch-sitter, too.