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  1. I feel tired yet don't seem it.

    I'm watching a music channel which doesn't want to make me step up and jiggle my ass like some moron with an intelligent span of a retarded 3 year old who worships its own poop.

    I struggle to wonder why we have religion when nothing can be proven. I also struggle to wonder why celebrities are the biggest douchbags in the world when they aren't. This 21st century world depresses me. I wish i was living in the wild west. Back then, it looked like paradise. The clothing looked good, no fucking computers and the open air. I would trade the life i had now for The good ole western life. Wouldn't you ?

    Why do I write ? Because I'm bored. I'm real bored. Not because i wanna be famous. Not because i can have fat people in the next 35 years suck me off and tell me I'm a genius when thousands of other people have done that already (Stephen King's face looks like he has had cum squirted on his face for years). I feel that whenever i meet or see a writer on TV or in a magazine, they seem very hippy like.

    What is the purpose of alcohol ? Why does it exist ? To create morons. Big morons. Morons without a conscious. I look at the people who post their pics on facebook making a moronic face with a bottle of alcohol looking like they are the coolest people in the fucking known universe. I look at facebook as nothing but a faceless tool that proves that everyone is self centered. Why does social media exists ? Aren't we encouraging people to just sit around instead of actually speaking to people, like face to face ? Social Media was described as a new way to communicate, yet its also increasing obesity and loss of sight. Thanks internet. Thanks very much.

    I want a girlfriend. I have never had one and I would so badly like one. Don't know why but it would be a new experience. Also all the popular bad boy kids in high school always end up with the girls. Fucking WHY ? They're self centered loathing fucks (Well they appear to be) and these plastic surgeon wannabe girls just plunge their tits right in there and think its all going to be fairy tale and shit. Yet the geeks (AKA people with glasses) are shunned to the back in the line because of looks. That's the thing with High School. Looks over personality. Strong over weak. Easy over Right.

    Weird Depressing Thought Unleashing Rant Over!!! Hope you enjoyed it. I...wasn't bothered.
  2. So I managed to find this forum.

    *Cheers And Whoops In Front Of Screen".

    Well for starters I'll say my name. Its Connor. That's two Ns, always two Ns. Teachers and friends have always put one N and sometimes an E. But this is how its spelt. So hopefully one day, All Connors with Two Ns will get their day in which they will over throw the ones with one N.

    I'm a writer. I haven't written much but I am writing. Its difficult, I'll admit. The thinking stuff is the easy part, but the actual writing itself is bloody hard. Never understood why. I thought it would be so easy that I could be able to write a novel in seconds. But willpower and other tasks in my busybody life take that creative time away in a flying basket. That plus the internet. The Most addictive thing ever invented. But that's a good thing i guess since I am here.

    I hope i can keep this up. Last time I had a blog, I did a few posts and I forgot about it. But this time I stand firm. I aim to entice anybody who can be bothered to gaze at my thoughts (I ain't saying this out loud you know) and hopefully they find what I read (Get ready for the magic word)...Good.

    So get ready for my blog in all its fine and glory.