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  1. Sorry I haven’t been writing really…I’ve been distracted by school…

    So, last weekend I decided to drive up to Davis to visit my friends. I transferred down to southern California because of the weather but, seriously, the weather sucks everywhere now. Bad news bears.

    The drive is like seven hours to that kind of sucks in itself and I decided to drive up at night in order to avoid traffic (mostly going through LA). Just as a side-note, during the day you can seriously tell the second you enter LA county on the five - the speed and quality of driving changes almost instantly. Honestly, if you are ever fortunate enough to actually drive over five miles an hour during the day, you’ll have the opportunity to truly experience the indigenous Los Angeles driver. This is the place that I really wonder most about where other people are going or what they’re thinking. It’s kind of weird, if you think about it; the fact that everyone has their own little space within their car – like a little bubble traveling on their own. You never really know what’s going on in the cars next to you or even where they’re going and they’ll honk or flip you off and you’re left to just wonder what the heck they think you did…

    So now that I went off on that tangent I’m kind of tired so I think I’ll finish this post tomorrow – keep in mind it involves almost being run over by tomato trucks on the I-5 so get excited.
  2. I’m going to give you the moral first; don't run up concrete stairs if you're clumsy. Just walk. Take your time. Smell the birds...or whatever.

    Anyway, so I’m late for class so I’m power walking since it's socially unacceptable to run in sandals and jeans and I come to the stairs and I decide to jog up them. I wasn't even sprinting or anything, just trotting up the stairs. Anyway so I miss a step and I fall. But when I say fall I don’t mean I just fumbled and got back up real quick – no – I didn’t just fall - I ATE IT.

    Try to imagine this but keep in mind this all happened over the course of roughly two seconds…

    I guess my foot didn't go all the way over one of the steps and it slipped off the edge and I smacked my right knee first and then my other knee and then my first knee slipped too and my really heavy book back/laptop took my top half down too and I like somehow kicked my ankle into one of the steps and eventually hit my face and chin and elbows and hands. So I'm lying flat on my effing face on these stupid stairs and I look up and EVERYONE ON THE STAIRCASE IS STARING AT ME. So of course I do that forced laughing thing where you look around and say you’re fine and try to get everyone else to laugh too but NO ONE LAUGHED – they just stood there with their mouths open or said “oh my god.”After everyone got over the shock, two girls helped me get my books together and get up. I decided to limp home to nurse my bruised knees (not to mention ego).

    So now that I am severely bruised, apparently "falling down a flight of stairs" is code for "my husband beats me" because friends and family are now concerned for my well-being and apparently the way my imaginary wife-beating husband treats
  3. Today I was lying on the grass in between classes because it's nice out and I have these heinous 1.5 hour gaps in between classes which forces me to remain on campus from 8 to 5. So, I saw this fat little bird bouncing around on the grass and I had this insane urge to pick it up and squeeze it. Not like a big squeeze, just a little one. Like if you were to hold a water balloon in your hand and squeeze it just to squeeze it not to pop it or anything. Anyway, so, I tried to make it come to me but apparently robins aren't very good with commands so that didn't work out so well. I don't think it would have liked being squeezed anyhow... it probably would have misunderstood my intentions. Conclusion: I want to squeeze a wild bird for my birthday.

    Afterward, I called up my friend and some how came upon the topic of what we want to do with our lives. Recently I've been seriously considering dropping out of school, going to mexico, and becoming a scuba instructor - not exactly sure what the rents would think about that after paying for 3 years of college so I decided not to push the idea. So, after telling her about the bird, we briefly discussed the difficulties associated with training a wild bird to come when called. THEN I saw a bunch of bees flying around and thought - what if I decided to train bees for a living? What if you could train bees to come to you and do tricks and maybe even sting people on command? That would be a real skill to develop.

    However, I am allergic to bees, so I am afraid that dream can never be realized.
  4. I was taking a nap in the quiet study room in the student center - this room, i must tell you, is to be quieter than a library at all times. So, I was lying on the couch in the study room and all of a sudden I hear some girl at a table near by start gabbing to someone blah blah blah about how she's in the STUDY ROOM. Clearly, she is acknowledging the fact that she is a douche bag for calling someone in the first place, but, instead of moving or saying a quick goodbye, she continues talking. So, I sit up and glare at her. Sadly, this did nothing as she's clearly only focused on herself and she continued talking about toe rings and grammas and whatever else came to her mind.

    But, having nothing else to do but reflect, I sat there and thought about it and wondered how people can be so completely oblivious to everyone else around them. I mean really, there are a number of signs around the place saying "quiet study area only" "no group studying" etc. etc. AND she was next to a door leading to the outside! I can't decide if she's obnoxious or just oblivious.

    On a larger scale, I feel like people do this every single day - focusing on themselves and ignoring how everyone around them feels. Forget the superheroic people who actually seek out people who need help...

    As for deciding what kind of person she is, I think I'll go with obnoxious so I can hate her for ruining my nap.
  5. I decided that this simply couldn't wait until tomorrow.

    As none of you know, I work (soon to be used to work) at Starbucks. This, however, is a franchise Starbucks... translation: it's not a real Starbucks translation: it effing sucks.

    With that as a preface, please have a glimpse into the (no joke) worst day EVER. So, i get put on register, which is the worst job second only to lobby (nice word for trash man). I will keep my complaints about register to a minimum. However, it must be said that register is torture. Smiling, feet hurting, no food, no water, over rings, etc, etc, etc, the list goes on.

    Before I explain what happened next, I must tell you that one day prior to this, I called the human resources department about our air conditioning. Our manager has seriously been telling us to open all the windows to keep it cool in 95 degree weather... I don't believe it is necessary to comment on the brilliant display of human brainpower here. So, I took matters into my own hands and called Janice, asking if we had air conditioning and, if so, why it was not being used. Janice says we do and that I should talk to Sarah (the brain). I say fine.

    Once I come into work, a shift leader comes to me and tells me that Chris, the manager of all restaurants on this property is angry at me, Cora Riley, for exercising my employee rights to air conditioning. Does Chris tell me this himself? No. Chris, very maturely, decides to come in while I'm on register and complain about the store. I am aware that he may be upset, but I decide to say hello and start a conversation first.
    Employee (Me): Hi Chris, How are you?
    Chris: I'd be a lot BETTER if this STORE were cleaner.
    Do you honestly think I even care how clean this store is?
    He continued around the store being a complete ass to everyone in sight - never once addressing the issue.

    Yes, he emphasized the capitals in speech.
    Yes, he is the manager of an entire University’s dining program.
    And no, he is not under the age of twelve.

    Awesome display of teamwork and leadership, Chris! I almost brought it up but I refuse to be talked down to by someone so incredibly rude. Way to instill a passion and respect for the workplace in your employees,Chris.

    Needless to say, fueled by two quarters filled with days similar to this one, I put in my two week's immediately after my shift ended.