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  1. Its been a while since I posted here. Its been a while since I posted anything of great note either. I think Macabre was the last one. Its all been a bit slow for a while. That novel 'the jabberwocky' im hoping to finish tonight. Its taken a long time, im not sure if it was me running out of gas, desire, or what not. But that hasn't been my biggest problem recently.

    For two years now, I have never looked elsewhere from being an author. I had no intention of failing to make it as one. I still dont. I still have time, on my side afterall, and alot to learn - but I have no idea how to learn it. I have imagination - that always has been my biggest asset, but that is nowhere near enough. I have decent writing skills - i can construct a sentence well enough. I can mix in themes to my work. But subtleties...

    I really don't know where I stand as a writer anymore. Im not sure how good I am, not sure how good I can become, no idea how to improve, with a reluctance for reading. Everything just looks bleak writing wise, like any idea of bridging that far is as far away as it ever was.

    Still, I have a plan. Im going to make to do lists again. Im going to make sure I get it all done, and then...maybe Ill get back on track. Maybe.

    Anyway, see you later, if you ever see this.
  2. 'The closing date for entries to the Limnisa Short Story competition passed on 1st March. We have received 79 entries and the judges have now completed their first read through. They have agreed on a short list of thirty stories.

    You will be pleased to know that your story "MAN-OCALYPSE" is on this shortlist.

    Up until now the judging has been far from easy. We have been very ipressed by the contributions. The whole world seems to be here - such variety, such invention, and sent to us from writers living all over the world. Who-ever ends up the 'winner', the most exciting part for us is encountering so many people with such creative talent. We shall be doing our best to feature as many as possible when we've set up our new website.

    Thank you again for your support.'

    Limnisa short story writing competition, Mariel and Phillip, in Greece there.

    That is the first competition i entered, with one of fifteen odd stories I have written. And I got to the last thirty! Victory dances for all. Yes. That includes you. I can see you with my mind.

    Progress on the novel continues, kindof. It has been stymied somewhat - I went to London the other day then to stay at a friends - lots of walking balanced out by eating unhealthy stuff, so its all good. On the other hand, I have been chugging away at about 1000 words a day till those two days, and maybe I can make up for lost time tomorrow. Meanwhile, before floating off to review something unreviewed as a good deed Ill talk a little about plot holes.

    I see noticing plot holes like a persistently annoying person in your head who correctly and infuriatingly points out that in fact this and that bit dont make much sense (why would she do that? cause she loves him... but why, I thought she hated him?? Its all a facade which she puts on to hide her true feelings... But why? Because said hottie she loves is engaged to her sister? Well WHY does she FANCY him then?? Grrr....) Kindof like that, only harder to answer. I have those alot, because for all my plans, just like in mice and men said plans get shot holes in like swiss cheese. Theres always a certain point where I bump into the tiniest things that annoy me and I get stuck for hours trying to figure out the best way to circumvent this problem.
    And writing this novel was supposed to be part of the challenge to forget that. TO correct it later, when the stories done. Seeing as I failed the challenge, I guess I havent managed it yet.
    But then its alright. If you do run into these problems, there can come a time a fantasy where you think of a little idea that slots in perfectly, or you can rip something out thats unnecessary and removes plot holes, not to mention streamlining the story if its required.

    And if that doesn't work, you have poetic license. Want to make a story about the love between a man and his pet tyrannosaurus?
    You can. Because who gives a damn what plot holes are there as long as the story's good.

    Truth be told, I dont use my poetic license too often to cover over plot holes with sello tape. But I might just try it after this novels done. See what happens.

    Anyway, off to review. Catch ya later.

    Crashbang (Spaz)
  3. I'll do you the favor and grace you with my pithy, crappy comments. I don't even know why I visit forums online... Anyway...

    I'm in a bit of a rut, so watching you get to all this writing gives me a headache. I can barely write now. My atmosphere sucks: smack dab in the middle of the living room...with noise...and a television... But this is you, not me.

    Basically, my point is that you're overwhelming load of work is actually draining my energy away from me. Thank you very much. D:

    =D Good luck with everything.'
    Den, in my last Blog

    Oh god. How bad I feel now.
    To put it simply and quickly, I failed the challenge. By about ten thousand words. Not to mention that I made Den feel bad. Sorry Den.
    Fact is that Im disorganised, and the last week of the challenge was also my last week of term, so I went out a few times relaxed. Got back into footie manager, while also playing resi evil 5, oblivion, and snooker on and off. Bad excuses, yes, yes they are. But I plan to have the novel finished before my sister arrives net week. As it was the 50000 words wouldnt have covered the extent of the plot, but thats just another excuse ain't it.

    Now, moving on.
    Its not been that good a week for my writing either. I joined a site which is like a you tube for short stories (here ya go Do you ever get that feeling of inadequacy in the art of writing? I get it alot. When you are in the underground seeing those theatre adverts with booming quotes from reviews about it being the new 'MUST SEE!' thing. Those depress me. So do books with those same quotes. Part of the reason why I don't read so much I think.

    And this week has had loads of those. The underground, not getting into the creative writing magazine at uni, generally feeling intimidated by other peoples writing. The works.
    It led me to look back at some of my writing. And dismiss it as needing major revision. Sigh...I have alot of improvement to do.
    But before all of that twoddle, I have a novel to finish before my sister gets back a week from now. That I AM going to do.

    Anyways, off I go

    cya, Crashbang (Spaz)
  4. What an interesting terrification of technology! Like a secret diary everyone can see! Only without secrets!

    At risk of embarrassing myself, Ill stop there. This could be handy, so I guess Ill just post my writing related stuff in here. So first:

    My mission: To become a fully fledged, professional author.

    My stories: Are generally wierd.

    Is my mission achievable?: Yes

    Am I likely to: Probably not. But Ill give it my all.

    So, onto business. I have been doing a Na-No-Wri-Mo challenge for the past three weeks. (Write a 50000 word minimum novel in a month)
    With one week to go, (Saturday 22nd) I have 14000 words to do. I slipped up - it couldve been easy if I had just stuck to 1750 words a day, but Birthday got in the way, uni work, lazing etc. Not great excuses in my book, but I can still do it. I might not finish the story itself, but I can get to 50000 words if I really graft, and sleep less. Then I can finish it over the holidays, and either do general revisions (which is the easy option) or do a complete style makeover, which would be like the 'Jabberwocky' intro I wrote a while back, which is a prologue to this book. That is the hard option. Im half inclined to it, half baulking at the work Ill have to do again. But thats the life, hopefully Ill get used to it.

    Meanwhile, I have another short story to write as well. I have ten ideas, not all good, the one Ive picked out being one called 'the picnic' hopefully it turns out alright, it might appear on these forums sometime soon, ready for people to pick apart with sharp scalpels, at least hopefully.

    But for now, theres this story over on crime and thriller.
    This one I quite like, might expand into a book of short stories about the place. It certainly has the potential, at least I think it does. But for now, it just remains a short story. And Ill go onto other things. Maybe it will appear on here again, if I make these blogs a regular thing. Its certainly an excuse to do more writing.

    Anyway, Im off to sleep now. 3000 words of the Jabberwocky story done today, now all I have to do is repeat that, on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday.

    Could be a long week.

    Till next time, Crashbang (or Spaz)